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10 Classical Music Favorites – Like Dancing In Your Mind...

Mademoiselle, would you lead the orchestra this evening?

I love classical music. I have been surrounded by it through my 17 years of dancing ballet to the point where I cannot workout listening anything else but classical. This is mainly because the words in rock and pop makes me want to sing which, as you can imagine, is very distracting.

Because of ballet I also find classical music has a very calming and meditative effect on me. It is like my braind changes to an other level of being and all the music turns into movement and vibration in my body even if I am not moving. I know it sounds a bit weird but classical music is like dancing without having to move a muscle which is the next best thing to actually dancing.

However, I am not particularly gifted in music. I used to play clarinet and sing in a choir but a musician I am not nor an expert on classical composers or their work. I am just a girl who likes to listen to it. But that is also an important part of music, don't you think? The ability to enjoy someone elses art. Therefore, during these pandemic times when the arts has safed many moments of our days at home I thought it would be lovely to put together my classical music favorites for anyone who needs a moment of beauty and art in their lifes. For I know dance and music have kept me sane not only now but all of these years so perhaps they can help you too.


Here's my gift of music to you dear reader.

I suggest you dwell in some, tear up a tiny bit and just dance with your mind.


Pride And Prejudice soundtrack

One of my favorite movie soundtracks takes me straight to picturesque english countryside with love drama unlike anything else. Tender piano and string melodies seem to almoust draw out the story line of Pride and Prejudice.

Four Seasons by Vivaldi

"Four Seasons" is an evergreen classic full of perky sunshine, violin melodies and familiar flowing tunes.

Downtown Abbey soundtrack

Thank God Downton Abbey offers once again those english coutnryside and highclass period drama melodies with just right amount of dramatic rush and sophisticated mystery.

Anna Karenina soundtrack

Anna Karenina's imperial Russia in the 1800s with slightly nervous ball room athmosphere mixed with secretiveness and playfulness as if something shoking is going to happen at any moment.

Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack

When ever I want to listen to playful jazz Breakfast at Tiffany's is my go-to sellection of cheerful, hilarious yet beautiful jazzy rhythms. But admittedly, I also just want to be taken into the scenes of that iconic movie... and steal Holly's wardrobe.

Out Of Africa soundtrack

My newest movie soundtrack acquaintance which soft and tenderly sad melodies adds to the story of Karen Blixen. With this playing on the background I cannot help but imagine white safari shirts and wide open plains of Africa.

String Quartets No. 14 and 15 by Mozart

Fancy a trip to Versailles? Mozart's String Quartets 14 and 15 makes me always think of the drawing rooms of Versailles and Marie Antoinette for their courtly yet vivacious and lightly flirtatious string melodies.

Nocturnes by Chopin

Noctures are peaceful and a touch melancholic piano melodies for slow mornings and afternoons full of day dreaming.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Stunning choir pieces remastered from your favorite rock and pop songs.

Swan Lake by Tchaikocsky

My favorite ballet never lets down with romantic, larger than life story and melodies to match the agony of love.


Do you enjoy classical music?

What's your favorite piece of classical music?


Thank you so much for reading!




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