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90s Supermodels – The Queens Of The Runway

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss... What the fashion world would be without them?

Nineties supermodels are often refered as the original supermodels because they were the first famous models who were able to bild a succcesful brand for themselves that was based on their unique and fabulous appearance. These supermodels were the famous beauties of the fashion shows, magazine covers and add campaigns. But yet, they were ordinary girls who's life happened to change forever after being discoverd by a modeling agency or a popular designer and then were able to reach a fame similar to rock and pop stars. As a result, supermodels became the success story that was the ultimate girl's dream.

Supermodels not only became celebrities and admired by young fashion lovers but also adored by photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists. Even designers seeked inspiration from these beautiful women. Therefore, supermodels modeled clothes, acted as a face for brand's new campaigns, met famous people and made incredibly talented friends. It is safe to say that nineties supermodels were in the very core of fashion.

Another thing that the fashion world owes to supermodels is the huge influence their faces made in the ads and on the runways. Basicly, if Naomi, Kate, Linda and Christy were walking in the show you knew it was going to be amazing. And if Claudia was the face of a new lipstick everyone needed to get it. All I can say is that those girls were a goldmine to anyone who was able to get in touch with them. I mean, even Michael Jackson wanted Naomi to be in his music video In The Closet.


The Supermodel MakeUp

Keywords for the nineties supermodel makeup are nude, flawless and sculpting. Tones and colors makeup artists used were very natural, neutral and nude. Heavy contouring in the runways was popular and models wore a lot of makeup in the shows. Most common look was brown smoky eye and nude lips which gave the girls a glamorous but naturally perfect appearance.

1. Star with a light brown and define your crease with it.

2. Take a cooler and a little bit deeper brown and place it lower in the crease than the previous color. Avoid the center of the lid.

3. Use even deeper brown shade and place it on the actual eyelid. Bring the color down to your lower lid as well. Keep everything blended and don't take the colors too far up.

4. With a black eyeshadow and an angled brush create a smal wing. Press the shadow also close to the roots of your lower lashes.

5. Take an eyeliner and draw a wing on top of the black eyeshadow.

6. Apply mascara and highlight on the inner corner of the eye and on your browbone.

7. With a small brush smoke out the liner on your top and bottom lashline for a smokier look.

Finish up the supermodel look with a nineties nude lipstick and you're ready to walk down the runway!


The Supermodel Style

Supermodels walked in numerous fashion shows for the world's most famous brands and designers. So what they wore varied a lot based on which brand, designer or show they worked with. Here are a view looks inspired by the nineties supermodels and designers that embraced them season after season.

Breathtaking amazons – The Versace Girls

You can say that Gianni Versace and the supermodels go hand in hand. He made them a part of the image of Versace in the iconic 1991 fashion show Freedom! 90 when Cindy, Christy, Naomi and Linda walked down the runway lipsyncing to the George Michael's Freedom after being in George's music video for the song. So, together with the fame of the music video and the phenomenal Versace Freedom! 90 supermodels and Versace became inseparable. And for that, Gianni not only shaped the eras fashion but also is partly responsible for the quick rise of the supermodels and making of the Versace girls.

Forever androgynous – Calvin Klein

There are three things Calvin Klein is know for: Simplicity, timeless ads and Kate Moss. The last one was the face of Calvin Klein's for 8 years, stared in the most memorable CK ads such as the Obsession fragrance and together with CK defined the new 90s grunge body type and beauty standard. With that being said, Kate Moss and Calvin Klein were a match made in the holiest fashoin heaven.

The godfather of fashion – Azzedine Alaia

Azzedine Alaia was a designer that surely spread kindeness in the sometimes cruel fashion business and supported diversity in the fashion world since the very beginning. But what's more, he helped the supermodel Naomi Campbell with her modeling career and developed a very special father-daughter realtionship with her. So, In some ways, it is thanks to Alaia that Naomi, as well as, many other dark-skinned girls were able to model and become the voice for diversity in the white dominated fashion industry.


So, what the fashion world would be without the original supermodels?

I don't know.

But all these amazing, iconic, rule breaking things that can't all fit into this post, would not have happened without them and their continuous support and love for fashion. Let's just say that supermodels, they filled a gap that was missing and left a good mark in the history fo fashion as well as showed an impressive example for others to follow.


Thank you so much for reading!


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