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A checkered skirt – How to wear it?

A checkered skirt is cute, practical, good for everyday wear and quite a classic piece of clothing. You can wear checkered clothes in any season and get them in any shape of clothing, however a skrit is probably one of the most common ways to wear checks. But, even though, checkered skirts are so cool and yet adorable how can you wear it without looking like a shcool girl? How can you achieve that cool, street style look that a checkered blazer and a pare of leather pants and trainers can deliver? And is it possible to live that posh and glamorous fantasy in a checkered skirt?


Checkered print's or plaid's origins date all the way back to 100 BC when it was mostly used in Scottish clans' clothing to set the clans apar from each other. Therefore, the plaid print we know today is actually a created pattern which is similar to a tartan print that was used in Scotland. Plaid's first fashion moment was in the 1700s when Scottish aristocrats stared wearing plaid to symbolies the Scottish rebellion against England. Ever since plaid has been assosiated with rebellion, aristocracy and going against the society.

Plaid has also been heavily connected with work wear for its durability and warmth. In the 20th centry plaid was mostly used in flannel shirts, skirts and school uniforms making the pattern everyday friendly as well as giving it an outdoor appeal.

However plaid's maybe most fashionably notable days appeared in the 70s punk era and in the 90s grunge clothing. Punk brought back plaid's rebellious reputation thanks to Vivien Westwood for adding plaid together with ribbed clothing and fuck society attitude. In the 90s Grunge popularized plaid ones again and made it a symbol of the eras fashion with a help of bands such as Nirvana.

Today plaid is considered as rebellious, cool, outdoorish and sophisticated pattern that can fit into everybody's wardrobe for its wide backgrounds and endless color combinations.


How to style a checkered skrit:


Retro Parisienne

Pare your checkered skirt with a simple, plain top and a skinny belt. Then add some color with the accessories. For example, I added a red beret and a burned orange tights to bring a bit more color to the look. Lastly, to finish up pop on a simple watch for daytime wear and a casual leather bag.

Overall, this look has a strong retro feel without looking like you belong to the nearby school. Its simplicity and humble sophistication reminds me of a casually dressed parisienne.


Chic Lace

For a more daring look, pare you checkered skirt with a lace bodysuit to deliver an underwear goes outwear moment. Add more drama and poshness with pearl necklases and for a final touch take your old 90s style handbag out to for some sun.

This outfit proves that a checkered skirt is not boring or old-fashioned when you use a bit of imagination.


Posh Daywear Moment

If you want a super sophisticated and posh look put your checkered skirt together with a classic turtleneck jumper and a button up cardigan. Then add accessories with gold accents, gold jewelry and of course sunglasses for a stunnig finish.

Ones again nothing but boring andthis time you really are serving that glamorous fantasy.


Simple Means Business

Maybe you want your skrit to do the talking. Therefore, make your look super simple and powerful with a black, structured blazer and big sunglasses. You can also add a simple hat to give your outfit that little extra boost. I chose to wear a baker boy hat because I feel like it's very easy to wear and looks put together.

No school girl vibes here just power dressing!


Checks on Checks

Checks on checks, too much? No way! Rock the double checkered look with a longline, checkered blazer and a pleated, checkered skirt. Don't worry if you don't have a matching set, different colors and patterns might work as well. Lastly, tie a scarf around your neck for a fun detail and wear the look with a small bag.

This outfit is not too much but enough for you to feel fantastic.


Thank you so much for reading!


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