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A Different Kind Of Summer Lip – Clarins' Joli Rouge Lacquer

Dearest reader,

Unfortunately, it happens even to the best of us, and, usually, at the anual beauty summer sale. Those rare moments when luxury lipsticks go on sale can lull you into a momentary makeup trance and promote I-cannot-believe-my-luck state of mind while browsing through the brands you otherwise cannot afford. However, between the steady occurrence of very good finds there is always room for error which can only be blamed on the wicked sales leading to a miscalculated purchase of a totally wrong colored lipstick. This, my dearest readers, is exactly what happened to this lipstick loving woman who definetly did not buy a hot pink lipstick but, better yet, a deep plum.

Luckily, these situations offer us a perfect chance to try something different and fall in love with an unexpected choise or, at the very least, give us a good laugh at the ridiculousity of it all. So let's see how my unintentional purchase turned out.

This lipstick is a Joli Rouge Lacquer in the shade 744L Plum from Clarins. It gives you an intense lip color that feels soft and moisturising on the lips while offering a delicious shine.

In my opinion, this plum lip is surprisingly cool, especially, when pared with a pale blue outfit and taned skin (which I really do not posses). Also, I feel like this plum could be a new summer shade for those moments when red or pink or coral feels a bit too obvious. What do you think?


Would you try a plum lipstick?

Could plum be the new, cool summer shade?

Have you ever done accidental purchases in the beauty sales?


Yours truly,




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