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A quick run through of recent makeup looks

This post contains all of the makeup looks from past mouth or so that I feel like sharing. Here should be little something for everyone from bold eyes to glam to even tutorial. I try to explain every look as well as I can and hopefully you'll find them inspirational.

Modern Glamour

This look is a modern take on a sophisticated party look. I wanted to create a perfect cat eye look without doing the classic eyeliner or smokey eye. So I placed my eyeshadow the way you would usually do while doing smokey eye but without blending the edges. I know that blengind the edges is essential but like always I wanted to push my limits and see if the makeup will turn out good. And I quite like it. It's different but not too different. And it creates the cat eye effect I wanted.

Pretty rebel

I wore this makeup on the post "why black is my ultimate power uniform" and it's just perfect for those days when you want all the attention to your outfit. It's soft, quite glam but not too dramatic. Pare this eyelook with glossy nude lip tho bring something fun to the look and put on your killer outfit.

Alien hunt

This look is my boldest makeup yet. I just wanted to try something crazy and this was the result. I would absolutely call this an Avant Garde makeup look from some extravagance fashion magazine.

This look is dramatic, colorfull and unexpected. I wanted to try something new and take my creatifity to the next level. Makeup is fun so why not to push the boundaries a bit.

Drama of the 60s

I was really inspired to do 60s makeup. For this look especially I took some inpiration from the iconic 60s model Twiggy.

I was going for a really sharp and clean look that's simple and powerfull. Clear, natural skin pared with black statement eyes and nude pink lipstick creates balance between strong and lighter colors. Lots of mascara gives the look that real 60s vide and opens up your eyes after using thons of eyeliner. Drawing some fake bottom lashes gives more serious drama and makes your eyes look even more like Twiggy's. (I devenetly need some practise when it comes drawning the lashes.)

Thank you so much for reading!


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