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A random lookbook

Hello everybody

In this post I will share a few makeup looks I have created during autumn/winter season. I haven't shared these looks anywhere yet so I thought it would be nice to put them in one blog post mostly because they're quite simple and at the time I did each one of these looks I didn't what to do a whole separate post around them.

So the first look is this smoky half cut crease eye.

Second look is this really smoky and super easy to do.

Then the makeup I wore in my autumnal lookbook. Drown, simple and smoky with a statement lip.

This one is warm, orange smoky eye using Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette

For this natural look I also used the Desert Dusk palette.

Thank you so much for reading and feel free to like, comment, share or recreate.

Love ya.


Instagram: @siiri.pakarinen

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