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At A Botanical Garden – Visiting Helsinki

Location: Botanical Garden, Helsinki


Secret Garden In The Heart Of The City...

Last weekend my friend Aino and I took a mini three day trip to the capital city, Helsinki, which is, perhaps, at it's best during spring and summer time (but what city isn't?). Our mutual friends actually live in Helsinki and Aino is also moving there soon. Therefore, this trip was also about seeing the capital in a new light from the outskirts suburbs to it's universty buildings as much as it was about doing turisty things, seeing friends and having tired laughs (and sometimes cries) at the end of the days.

One of our mini holliday must-see destinations among museums was the botanical garden located in Kaisaniemi near the sea which we visited on the first day. In the botanical garden we got to enjoy the beauty of nature, gardening and fresh air as well as the 19th century architecture: basically the best things you can ask for in a time of social distancing. It was also possible to go inside the absolutely gorgeous greenhouses from 1889 which, to my mind, were the crown jewels of the garden protecting all kinds of species under its white painted iron structures and glass roof.

Althought the greenhouses were the most eye-catching features of the botanical wonder around them numerous charming pathways led to different parts of the garden featuring many species of roses, peonies and even some water plants as well as herbs. While admiring the planted oasis in the heart of the city you were also aloud to touch and smell the blossoming flowers and leafs leaving all senses refreshed and invigorated.

However, the greenhouses weren't the only fabulous buildings in the garden. Namenly, to make the illusion of stepping into the past summer's of the 19th century even more real the garden possed a couple of other houses equally thrilling and almoust as beautiful as the white iron structures. One of the other buildings was a stone "castle" or mansion that looked down to the main greenhouse standing grand and sure of its sophisticated, dreamlike character. Like a scene from Beauty And The Beast with vines growing on its falls and light mirroring from its tin roof the mansion pathed in glory of a july sun.

And when it comes to any good trip or day in the outdoors food and drink are required almoust certainly. On this matter the botanical garden was no letdown thanks to an adorable light blue house that served as a local cafe on the egde of the garden yet still givin the illusion of being on pages of a romantic country book. Some sandwiches were eaten and throughout the whole time a sweet essence from the nearby rose bush spread as far as the rather strong wind coming from the sea could carry it.

On the whole, the beauty of the garden was so refreshing that some would even joyosly sing out: how wonderfully delightful hours on the early afternoon!


When visiting a gargen it's also essential to dress accordingly to the environment. My friend Aino did a marvalous job by choosing to wear this romantic navy, rose printed dress in wrapped style to our garden trip. She also wore some matching pink lipstick, pale pink nail varnis and silver earrings to complite the look. And doesn't she just look so lovely in fornt of these roses!

In fact, we both decided to dress extra specially for the botanical garden day. It just felt like an occasion that could not be faced in anything but style.

For my garden look, I didn't wear flowers on my dress but on my 20s style hat I have a one big flower that reminds both a peony and a rose. For the dress I went for more classic summer tweed style with a simple cut. Then to complite the outfit I added my go-to vintage handbag and some glittering Minna Parikka trainers. I quite liked this outfit because it's at the same time both classic and fun.

Are you planning on taking a mini holliday somewhere in your country?

Have you ever visited a botanical garden?

What is your favorite spieces of flower?


Thank you so much for reading and thanks to Aino for helping me take these pictures and keeping company!




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