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Beautiful Words And Those I Repeat Infinitively

I have often wondered why some words are more beautiful than others and how even the most ordinary words become beautiful when placed in a meaningful sentence or a story. I guess it is partly the meaning and assosiations that makes words beautiful but there is also an aspect of how they sound.

Namely, some words are said with a light, glittering ring to your voice as if you were singing them out where as other words are more deep and comforting which you sort of hum out in steady beat. Then there are small quick words that seem to always be in a hurry, a bit shy and not wanting to attract a lot of attention even if they mean big things. Of course, there are also ordinary, boring words which by themself are stale and tastless, never really sweet or salty but when used in a right way are able to add to the flavor. Naturally, the opposites to the ordinary words are extraordinary words so complex, intricare and full of selfimportance with a promes of an educated impression that you end up saing them with a slightly raised chin even if nobody including yourself have no idea of their meaning.

Another thing adding to the beauty of a word has to do with the person who says it. Therefore, the person's individual voice and note of speak applify the meaning and sound of a beautiful word and gives it previously unimaginable dimentions. For it is safe to say that a word sounds very different whereter it is said by a child or an elderly person, a parent or a friend, a teacher or a prime minister and so on. Moreover, the volume of the voice also matters since a whisper has a very different effect compared to shouting.

However, often times words are just beautiful by themselves regardless how or by whom they are said. They either have a certain moving essence to them or some unfathomable truth which you can't really grasp but which feels thrilling while you say it as if you were closer to a more poetich existence.

I, for one, will confess of repeating a word over and over again for the pure joy of repeating it. Sometimes the word is a combitation of two or more, sometimes it is a name while other times it is a place. Usually, my favorite words have a dramatic, poetic or romantic tone to them which I then might safe for a special occassion to use. For example, "fabulous" is one that I use often and with a thrill since it is effortless to say and has a witty yet magical feel to it.


And without anyone asking here are some more beautiful words which I love repeating infinitely in no particular order...



This is a name of a song by Oasis which I find exeptionally imaginative if not even poeticly beautiful. How fitting it is to compare a supernova, an exploded star, to an outpouring of sparkling champagne.


Cucumber sandwich is a word combitanion that brings safety, common everyday elegance and practical yet comforting athmosphere. A type of sandwich with crisp and fresh cucumbers is only an ordinary sandwich but never the less popular across all ages. A safe option, rarely a let down and a true classic among sandwiches.


Diamonds, Audrey Hepburn and that exciting shade of bright almoust neon blue comes to mind when saing Tiffany. However, the word Tiffany in itself is a cute medium length word with a refined tone and breathless lightness to it that makes you feel as if you were saing it for the first time. And that's why it is possibly impossible to get bored of saing Tiffany!


Ruis is finnish and means rye while kaunokki is a type of wild flower that belongs to knapweed clan and grows on meadows and grasslands. Therefore, Ruiskaunokki is a finnish name for blue Cornflower, a flower, with understated charm and the most beautiful shade of blue.


Très joli is french and literally means very pretty. Only how much more meaningful and scrumptious "très joli" is compared to plain "very pretty". It is almoust like you mean it more when you say it in french as if something only becomes truly pretty when using très joli. . .Très joli! Très joli! Très joli!


Do you have a favorite word/words?


Thank you so much for reading!




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