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Blogmas 2019 – Through The Decades With POSH, part 3/4

2010s are ending and within a month we welcome the new decade of 2020s to begin. But before that in this year's blogmas and in celebration of the new decade we are not going to even look at Christmas derocation, present ideas nor recepies but our favorite fashion eras in the previous century. What's more, to keep this Blogmas exciting we are not going to start from the beginning or end in the ending but go through some of the fashion decades in a totally random order. I am also turning "Posh blog" temporarily into a century defining "Posh magazine" that glances through times with a help of some fun cover shoots as well as outfits to remember. Are you ready to go through the decades with Posh?





70s was an eventful decade in both good and bad. There were terrorism, the Vietnam war was still going on, everybody took apart in strikes and the oil crisis shaked the world. Women protested for equal pay and other minorities such as gays and black people raised voices for their lifes and rights. What's more, icons like Jimi Henriks, Jannis Choplin and Elvis Presley were found death due to overdose. So basicly, everything just seemed miserably terrifying...

However, 70s wasn't all a so dark either. Namenly, entertainment was all about fun. Therefore, escapism from everyday life could be seen in pop culture and, especially, in fashion. From polyester flares to platforms and first Star Wars movie to the rise of glam rock it's obvious that world was hungry for fantasy and glamour from the past decades. Therefore, Biba opened its fabulous doors offering a trip to the luxurious 20s and 30s while New York's Studio 54 made people's glittering disko dreams a reality. Style icons such as Bianca Jagger, David Bowie, Farrah Fawcett and Jerry Hall set the looks of the decade in designs from Yves Saint Laurent to Diane von Furstenburg. And of course during the 1970s, our beloved Westwood put Punk on the map with a help of Malcom MacLaren.

Simply put, the 70s was a search of a sunnier world as much as a slap on the face with a few safety pins.





















Thank you so much for reading!



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