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Blogmas 2019 – Through The Decades With POSH, part 4/4

2010s are ending and within a month we welcome the new decade of 2020s to begin. But before that in this year's blogmas and in celebration of the new decade we are not going to even look at Christmas derocation, present ideas nor recepies but our favorite fashion eras in the previous century. What's more, to keep this Blogmas exciting we are not going to start from the beginning or end in the ending but go through some of the fashion decades in a totally random order. I am also turning "Posh blog" temporarily into a century defining "Posh magazine" that glances through times with a help of some fun cover shoots as well as outfits to remember. Are you ready to go through the decades with Posh?


This is the last part of Blogmas and naturally I have safed the best one for last. After visiting 60s, 80s and 70s we are going to end this trip through times in one of the most iconic decade of them all which is also one of my personal favorite by the way... So, the only right way to end this Blogmas is to go all the way back to the ever so fabulous, ever so wonderful and ever so revolutionary 1 9 2 0s!





The Roaring Twenties was a unique decade of welth that started as an escape from the horros of the first world war and ended with a crash on wall street. But ultimately, 20s was a time of social and econimical change, a search of freedom for many and hope for a better future.

Especially, women had had a taste of independency during the war time and now in the new, brighter decade wanted some firm changes in how society treated them. Therefore, women won the right to vote, had a better access to birth control and were able to earn some money independently. This "birth of a modern woman" can also be seen in fashion freeing women from corsets, unpractical dresses and cart weel hats which then were replaced with a 20s style drop waist dress, shorter hemlines, bob haircuts and cloche hats.

What's more, the era's style icons and designers reflected marvalously the new modern woman as well as the wild jazz age. Namenly, Coco Chanel rose to be the definer of the liberating 20s look while women such as Josephine Baker and Louise Brooks were at the center of the world's jazz bars and movie theaters with banana skirts, silver screen performances, black sharp haircuts and dance moves to remember.

Also, the general attitude as well as the spirit of the 1920s was all about letting go strict rules of the old world and living in the moment. Quite literally life was fast while partying was even faster. From automobils to radios and jazz to charleston, it's safe to say that lifestyle of the Great Gatsby seemed to be everyday life for the rich and fabulous members of the society.

Basicly, 1920s was a one big cigarette smoked party, fountain of champagne and looks too good to forget.

















"The world only exists

in your eyes.

You can make it as big

or as small as you want."

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


Thank you so much for coming along through the decades with Posh.

I wish you all a merry christmas and most importantly a fabulous new decade.

May the 2020s be as iconic as the 1920s!



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