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Blogmas 2021: All Time Glam – Blushign Antoinette

When it comes to glamorous dressing I feel like we should go all out this December. From ballrooms and star gazing to cocktail parties and concerts there surely has never been a more fitting moment to enjoy what you wear than right now. Be it diamonds, velvet slippers, a dramatic hat or a red lip nothing should be off limits as we celebrate the end as well as the most sparkling season of the year. Therefore, I have put my most fabulous foot forward and created a series of beauty and fashion looks inspired by the most glamorous places, people and items under glittering

December stars...



Rococo, Versailles and flaming birght red cheeks as if the whole court is suffering from high fever was once the epitome of glamour, of fashion and of style. And yet there is still something quite fascinating about an intense rouge. How it instantly gives glow and life to any complexion and how over the top yet always innocent only a touch more blush can appear. So is it any wonder that those pale, heavily powdered women and men of Versailles wanted to liven up their faces with such an exciting and addicting colour as red?

Dangerously though, in the days of Marie Antoinette rouge was as toxic as it was beautiful. Grounded from cinnabar (a sulfide mineral) vermilion rouge formula consisted of mercury and was used even when knowning its hazardous consequences. Moreover, makeup was a matter of status and those who wore it were considered aristocratic as well as fashionable. In fact, a pale but "painted" face was seen as more respectable than naturally pale complexion since makeup application played an important part in the public toilette ceremony where members of the aristocracy dressed before a select audiance.

Indeed, beauty could have been fatal but, at least, while it lasted, it was done in extraoridinarily sumptuous fashion.

Get The Look

This look is a modern recreation of the blushing fever of Versailles when rouge was what you needed to dazzle in court.

Base – Lumene Blur 16h Longwear Foundation shade 00 Ultra Light Kuula / Lumene Blur Longwear Concealer shade Light / Lumene Matte Pressed Powder shade 0 Translucent / Lumene Natural Glow Bronzer shade 1 Artic Summer.

Cheeks – Lumene Invisible Illumination shades Rosy Dawn and Pink Blossom / NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette shade 3.

Brows – Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Pencil in shade 3.

Eyes – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shades 3 and 9 / Lumene True Mystic Mascara

Lips – Lumene Nordic Chic Touch Lipliner shades 4 and 3 / Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in shade 67 Peaceful.


Would you try this intense blush style from the days of Marie Antoinette?


Thank you so much for reading!


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