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Blogmas 2021: All Time Glam – Midnight Reflections

When it comes to glamorous dressing I feel like we should go all out this December. From ballrooms and star gazing to cocktail parties and concerts there surely has never been a more fitting moment to enjoy what you wear than right now. Be it diamonds, velvet slippers, a dramatic hat or a red lip nothing should be off limits as we celebrate the end as well as the most sparkling season of the year. Therefore, I have put my most fabulous foot forward and created a series of beauty and fashion looks inspired by the most glamorous places, people and items under glittering

December stars...



In everyday life, from time to time, you experience moments when dispite feeling tired, cold and wet a certain something reminds you that beauty exist even against all the odds. For example, around November, when days are short, rain is regular and street lights just about manages to guide me home from school a view across the lake somehow always succeeds to appear magical: golden city lights reflecting on dark water and once even a moon casting its silvery stroke among them. For a moment, you are tempted to stand there mesmerized by the lights, thinking everything and nothing, hearing constant flow of cars crossing a brigde and people murmuring on distance, perhaps laughing.

At the same time, there is an odd feeling of being safe and disconnected from the world. It seems that everything on the other side of the shore is far away, only barely real and somehow more golden. And you are watching the gilded wonder reflecting on freezing water alone but not sad about it, just safe in the shadows, feeling warmed by the lights. Perhaps, it is a psyhcological thing that when we see light in a dark it makes us feel warm, safe, closer to home and hopeful of the possibility that there is someone else also in the dark... or perhaps it is only romantizied, tired melancholy of a winter evening.

Either way, eventually, I have to get back on my bike and continue home for wind coming across the lake is getting increasingly angry by the minute.

Get The Look

This look is inspired by strokes of gold which city lights reflect on the surface of water at night time.

Base – Lumene Blur 16h Longwear Foundation shade 00 Ultra Light Kuula / Lumene Blur Longwear Concealer shade Light / Lumene Matte Pressed Powder shade 0 Translucent / Lumene Natural Glow Bronzer shade 1 Artic Summer

Cheeks – Lumene Invisible Illumination in shades Gloden Twilinght, Rosy Dawn and Pink Blossom

Brows – Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Pencil 3

Eyes – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette shades 8, 14, 15 and 16 / Rimmel London Wonder Swipe 2-in-1 Liner To Shadow shade 010 Cool AF / Lumene True Mystic Mascara

Lips – Lumene Nordic Chich Soft Touch Lipliner shade 4 / HAVU Cosmetics Lipstick shade Blush / NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette Shade 8


Do you experience unexpected moments of beauty?


Thank you so much for reading!



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