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Bluer Than Blue – The Blue Lookbook

As some of you know one of the hot, hot, hot trends for the autumn/winter 2019/20 is to wear one color only, so today we are taking blue under a microscope and squeezing all the juices of a blueberry into my laundry to reveal some astonishing bluer than blue looks. Sky blue, ocean blue, royal blue, baby blue, navy blue, midnight blue, what ever you prefer wear it and, please, go overboard!


The Blue Cocktail

When you can't decide whether to wear light or dark mix them together. Then throw in some metallic and gold for a contrast agains softer knits and intricate crochet. Lastly, add a navy blazer to crown your blue Cosmopolitan and don't forget to shake it up so that everything looks beautifully seamless.


"If Cosmopolitan

looks good

in blue, so will you."



The Little Sky Blue Dress

If you want to try something different this holliday season or in the up coming new year go for a sky blue dress instead of a classic black. Choose a simple shape and add your favorite black accessories: black heels, a belt and some lace tights that will stand out marvelously next to the simple but beautifully colored dress.


"Cinderella wore blue,

maybe you should too."



Power Blues In Ultramarine

There's nothing like wearing your favorite power color, and ultramarine blue surely has that powerful effect to it. So, for a true fashion moment pare your ultramarines with a touch of hot pink, some gold jewelry and your lager than life retro sunglasses.


"Color possesses

as much power as the absence of color.

It all depends on

what you want to say."



Lady Blue

Navy blue, perhaps the most elegant of blues, is a fabulous color for everybody to wear and has that classical Parisienne quality to it. Pare your navy blues with white accessories, gold jewelry, a leather or a denim skirt and lastly slip your feet into some gorgeous flats, (mine reminds me of Audrey Hepburn by the way).


"Luckily, every color has an elegant side."



Splash Of Blue

Need to update your suit look? This colorful 80s jumper will, no doubt, do the trick and add a fun and whimsical side to any boring old office look. What's more, you can also match your beret to the colors of your jumper and, therefore, look extra fabulous when typing away on your computer or heading for your lunch break.


"Sometimes, just a little

splash of blue is enough to

turn heads!"



Thank you so much for reading!



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