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Chat On Summer, Books And Baking (My Granny life) – July 2020

Photography – Saimi And Pinja

So, this is the fourth time I try to write this. Apparently, I got nothing to say and everything to say at the same time so writing has been difficult. But let's try this again because I actually want to share these lovely pictures which were totally unplanned but turned out to be wonderfully summery and beautiful.

All right then, the whole idea was to do a life update. A kind of relaxed, chatty post, so here we go...


July 2020 has been great with sun and rain and a tiny bit of travel. If you read my botanical garden post you know that I visited Helsinki on the start of the month with my friend and the trip was so much fun. I was tired aftherwards but it was well needed. Other trips this month have only been to our summer cottage but never the less lovely. As a matter of fact I have enjoyed enormously being in the countryside with bees and birds and granparents. I guess in the countryside you have this different kind of freedom and sense of security like no matter what happens in the big world outside you're always going to be safe in that little house. These pictures were actually taken on a canola field near our cottage which is one of my favorite places in the coutryside. (Also thanks to my sister onces again for being a photographer).

What else has happened? Well, I have studied of course because when does that ever end!? But among that lots of traditional summer actions has taken place such as swimming and reading and knitting. (Okay, I admit it. I do sound like a granmom). Our beach is actually the best and most exciting beach in the world but I tell you more about that at another time. All I will say but just to keep you on your toes is that there is a deep orangy red river... What's more, lots and lots of summer baking has also been done and eaten such as everybody's favorite strawberry cake with cream and mint leafs, cinamon buns and then lemon rhubarb pie with meringue (mine and ganny's experiment because grandmom said herself that she likes to gad about whenever possible) and obviously some chocolate cake since that is a standarnt snack... without mentioning blueberry pie and mushrooms last weekend but I have to stop now. Otherwise you would think I'm showing off.

Lasty I very much like to tell you about the books I have been reading the first one being lightly On Beauty: A History of a Western Idea from Umberto Eco which has been really interesting (still reading it though) but tiny bit hard to understand as it is in english and since it's not my mother tongue things can get tricky. Another read that I haven't finished yet has been the biography of Marie Antoinette The Journey from Antonia Fraser which has broken so many myths about the last french queen and made me absolutely marvel at the life in Versailles. Then yet another adorable read from a japanese author Takashi Hiraide called The Guest Cat that tells a wonderful story about a cat that starts to visit a japanese couple's home. A cute story that will make you smile at the simplicity of life. Then O.M.G I started reading Little Women by Luisa May Alcott and it is so, so, so, so, so, so good. Amazing. Brilliant and I haven't even finished it. Also I need to buy the whole book since we only have a little fragment of it at the cottage. But wow, read it if you can. Last but not least two words, Harry Potter.


All right, I hope I didn't bore you there and if I did hopefully you got some new baking ideas and reading recommendations, at least. Let me know if you would enjoy more of these chatty, relaxed post.

But now I want to hear how you have been doing...

Have you been travelling or takeing trips anywhere near?

Have you done any delicious summer baking?

What about your summer activites?

And please, I would love to hear what you have been reading as well?


Thank you so much for reading!




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