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"Desperate Times Call For Fabulous Measures" – Quarantine In Style

Constant news of lockdowns, guides to plan working days at home, hundred and one anxious people on instagram stories talking about the infamous virus and ten nervous breakdowns later it's enviatable that the outcome is nothing but weird.

Usually, these crisis feel like bedtime stories of a faraway wonder land, where good always wins because bad never really had a chance. But this time we didn't get the luxury to relate to the horrendous events of a romanticized tale from our comfortable, lavender scented bed sheets. This time we were also pushed onto the pages of the story book determining that our struggles are also part of the nightmare of a faraway land.

Our newly found careers as heroic fairy tale characters fighting against an impossinble threat is, obviously, not that pleasant of an idea any more. But it doesn't have to mean that the story will end to a victory of the bad. It also doesn't mean that life is never a life again because life is life yesterday, today and tomorrow. We just have to stay inside and make it as good as we can because, even thought, it's life or death for the first time in many of our lifes, there is still always and forever an option to either laugh or cry.

So, the first quarentine, third week of self isolation and the fifth day of the week... we're becoming masters of social distancing but no one, absolutely no one survives without fashion through a time like this. Therefore, as the saying goes "desperate times call for fabulous measures" I, here at Posh, continue to create outfits to remember. And hopefully inspire you as well to dress up just for life yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Quarantine In Style: Outfit 1 – Working From Home


Working from home: one of the biggest topics of the moment that is made easy with numerous guides of ready-made plans for your days at the house. However, I must admit that all these plans, guides and rules for working at home seems, well, a little silly. Why don't you just plan your day however you like it, since it is the only freedom we have right now? Why to take that one freedom away just because a guide for working at home says you can't work from bed? Of course, you can work from your bed! But after all, what do I know, I love working from home anyways. With that in mind, in this post I am not going to tell you what to wear, do and when to work but simply show you how I do it.

So obviously, I could stay in pajamas all day long, and trust me I would do that on some days if I had a nice pare of pajamas... but I don't. Therefore, I rather dress up even just a little because desperate times call for fabulous measures, when you don't own silk pajamas during quarantine. (Also, I just enjoy dressing up...) Luckily, the second best thing to silk pyjamas are crochet pants and a soft, white, polo neck jumper that I manage to bring with me to my family home where I'm spending the time of quarantine.

However, I can't stop at pants and a jumper, especially, after remembering these wonderful heels that used to be my great grandmom's which also go so perfectly with my crochet pants. (I guess a taste for fabulous shoes really do run in our family.) And now that we're talking about my great grandmom, whose name is also my second name by the way, I should mention that the quilted bag in this outfit, aka my "Chanel" crossbody as well as my favorite bag, was also her's. But back to the outfit. Where were we? Right... so then to finish of the look I added my cream and black tweed jacket and a pare gold and white vintage earrings since no look is really a look without my trusted clip-ons. Fortunately, as it happens this working from home outfit turns out to be as comfortable as those silk pyjamas.

But how about my working day at home? Well, I could just be boring and type away on my laptop on the table but, because you can never be too extra during a photoshoot another fabulous way to do it is on this deep violet footstool. Probably, not the most convenient of offices but who thinks about practicality at a time like this anyways?

How do you work from home? What do you like to wear during quarantine?


Lastly, stay inside and please do share your fabulous quarantine style on instagram with me by taging @posh_blog or using a hashtag #quarantineinstyle. Let's all dress up for life during this odd time of quarantine!


Thank you so much for reading!



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