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Desperate Times Call For Fabulous Measures – Quarantine In Style: Jimi The Cat Edition

Have you ever wished you were living the life of your pet's?

I have certainly wished I was a cat: free from everything and anything. I would be just a cat and feeling good being just a cat. Especially, during a global pandemic being a cat would be lovely, in fact, refreshing. Being unaware of all bad. Being unable to understand all things politics, economics and capitalism. Wait... what am I talking about I don't understand those things. But as a cat I wouldn't have to hear about them. However, because we are not cats (even thought we are still animals) the closest thing to becoming one is to observe one. So I observed our cat, Jimi, and here is what I found out about being a cat...


Who is Jimi the cat?

Our family has a black little cat whose name is Jimi. He came to our house on one Christams when he was just a little bady. Namenly, his previous owner didn't want him anymore and because we had taken care of Jimi in the past the old owner asked if we would have him. So we took him in on trial (Can you imagine. Take a cat on trial. How stupid). I wasn't too keen on him first because he was a wild boy. He used to climb on places and drank from the tab and made me worried that he might fall and hurt himself, but even I couldn't resists his charm, big eyes and soft fur. So Jimi passed his trial and he stayed.

As we know, every animal has its own character and so does Jimi. Above all things Jimi thinks he is a tough boy who can take care of himself and bosses us around: Sometimes he is meowing by the door other times he is scratching his nails on things he shouldn't scratch his nails on. Often times he is hunting voles and mouses and occasionally, well, actually regularly jumps to our legs when trying to get safely from shower to the other bathroom. But underneath that demanding nature of a cat he is quite a mommy's boy. He misses us when ever we are away, even if its just couple of hours. He gets scared easily by hoovers and cars, when he is on the walk outside our backyard. Those are also the moments when he needs to be carried home.

Jimi is quite a little prince but there is also sweet and beautiful. He has shiny and soft dark fur, yellow eyes and the highest little voice which he only uses when he wants to go out. He is slender, athletic cat that does not care too much about food. It fact, he is the pickyest cat I know. Jimi only eats three things his dry cat food, raw eggs or raw chicken only if its in right sized portions and not too cold or dry. He is also a very nosy cat and wants to sniff everything and even wants to make friends with some dogs. I don't know if he actually likes dogs but he wants to go after them when ever he sees them.



Jimi's day:


The Morning

Dad lets him out fo the Sauna where he sleeps the night or does his cat things that no body knows about. Then he goes to my parents' bed for hugs and strokes while he stands on my mother's stomach. By the end of the morning hugs Jimi is so anxious to go out that he won't even eat breakfast. Then, after a while Jimi gets too hungary and has to meow his way back to the house. That's when he has his breakfast: dry food, raw chiken or a raw egg. Quite a diet his has there...

The Day

Jimi goes back outside to finnish some unfinnished business such as hunting butterflies, soaking up some spring sun and sniffing all the same places all over again. It's amazing how he never gets bored while outside in the garden. During the day Jimi also can get a little lonely because everybody else is working inside. Therefore he can't always decide if he wants to be inside or outside, so he goes back and forth every half an hour. He is secretly a very social cat. He certainly gets sad when he's alone. We think he was traumatized when he was little and now he doesn't like to be alone too long.

The Afternoon

Jimi still can't get enough of the outside and the spring weather (and the birds) so he's wondering around the garden. At some point Jimi does get a little tired so he comes back inside to take a nap and lick his dusty fur. But, because his work is never finished in the garden, soon he is back on his little feet and going outside.

The Evening

Jimi takes a little snack of his dry cat food. After that he takes another nap because that is cat's nature but he also just gets very tired of working constanly in the garden. After napping is over Jimi is like a new cat. He is full of energy, his eyes are wide open, his tail is waving from side to side and he can't wait to go back hunting birds and butterflies. He is on his way to the door but halfway mom grabs Jimi in her lap and kisses and hugs and Jimi is worried because he is in a huge hurry to get outside. But he doesn't make a lot of effort to stop mom's kissing because he does like to cuddle. But enough is enough. Jimi blocks mom's face with his paws and trys to get down. Finally mom let's Jimi go out. And his feet are light and his mind is focused to the many voices of the world.

The Night

Jimi wants food again so he is eating some night snack: raw chicken. That's his favorite food. Whenever he smells it he just goes mad with joy. Rubbing his face on things and roaming in circles close to our legs. After his snack he might take another nap or go back to the garden and sometimes he wants to play with us because that's what he likes to do. Most times he meows or as we call it sings for us because he wants to go out, even thought its too dark and late to go out. After a while dad takes him back to Sauna to sleep but we really don't know what he does during the night. I guess all cats have secret lives that nobody knows about.



  • Cats are interested in anything and everything even the smallest of things.

  • Cats know that sleep is the best medicine to all.

  • Cats wash their paws regularly and that's why they have nine lifes.

  • Cats never think they know everything and thats why they never get bored of the same places and smells.

  • Cats have a will to do they own things no matter how much you laugh at them.

  • Cats don't hide how they're feeling but are happy, sad, disapointed, annoyed, in love, excited, relaxed, scared, comfortable etc. with all their heart.

  • Cats don't hide their weird habbits because they know life is never that sensiable.

  • Cats meow because they know that singing reaches more hearts and ears than words do.

  • Cats are always fabulous because they were born with high fashion fur, high senses and high voices.

P.S I had a dream where Jimi was a singer in a concert and he sang songs with his meow voice.


Do you have pets?

What do your pets do during the days?

What animal would you like to be?


Thank you so much for reading!




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