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"Desperate Times Call For Fabulous Measures" – Quarantine In Style: Outfit 3

Quarantine week five, is it? It's been a long time since the old days and during this long time our homes have become the one and only scenery of our lifes besides supermarkets of course. But that's okay, because homes have magic. I know it sounds cringy but, because I am one of those people, who love being at home, I have always felt that homes can be anything. Therefore, we should be able to do anything, well, almoust anything at our homes.

I know that most of your homes already serve as a coffee shop, libary, gym, yoga studio and an art gallery and, because of this familiar phenomenon, I wanted to share how my home serves us in this time of quarantine. And when I say us I mean me and me sister Saimi, who is visiting Posh in today's post.


Quarantine In Style: Outfit 3 – Home As An Amusement Park



This is my sister Saimi. She is very cool, much cooler than I am. Saimi plays guitar, wears baggy clothes and has a piercing on her nose (but she never wears a her nose jewel), which all proves her coolness. What's more, she has two guitars, stereos and a collection of vintage vinyl records that she plays sometimes in her dark blue room that is usually a mess in true rock lifestyle. And before you ask, yes, she actually can play her guitars really well, so most of the time the music that comes through Saimi's door is played be her. This means our familily has a rock consert everyday even if Saimi is just playing by herself.



Pinstripe pants

A brown leather belt

A black silk blouse with safety pins on the collar

Red sunglasses

Silver earrings

Couple of small silver necklaces

Two cool rings

An electric Guitar


Saimi chose this outfit because it's comfortable and dark colored. Those are also her prefered features when it comes to clothing but, nowadays, also her style. Namenly, she hates uncomfortable clothes and has never been one for shine and glamour unlike me. Therefore, her fashion sense is the ultimate mirror of her chilled, unpretentious, cool musician lifestyle.



And then me. If Saimi is the musical genius of the house I am the dance expert. Therefore, about five years ago, when we moved into this house, I wanted a ballet pole to my room so I could stretch and do simple dance exercises, but now becaouse most of the year I don't live here anymore it has been standing there useless. However, all in all, the ballet pole has been handy also for hanging clothes during photoshoots which is one of its main purposes till this day. So it's needles to say, I recommend ballet poles for its health benefits but also for the fashion messes that can happen from time to time, when trying on a thousand outfits.



Blue raw silk dress

Pointe shoes

A pearl earring


I chose to wear this blue dress because I love the fabric, the raw silk, and I found the whole dress quite tender but simple and, therefore, perfect for the ballet theme. Then I, obviously, wore my old pointe shoes that are in shocking condition but still works for the photoshoot. For a final touch I thought my lonely pearl earring would fit with the tender and subtle yet elegant dress.


What do you do in your home during quarantine?

Do you also have a hobby that you can do in your home?

If you could have any room in your house what it would be and what would it be for?


Thank you so much for reading!




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