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Design Studies – Habitare

Some of you might know that I started my university studies in fashion and footwear desing this autumn. On monday It's been about three weeks since the first day of university and we have already started some of our courses on principles of drawing, basics of communication and principles of the conception of ideas. All in all, my studies will last about four years and will be focused on footwear desinging which should be a match made in heaven seen as I am already a devoted heel wearer... Anyway, this is a first part of my new series "discovering fashion" which will be a documentation of my four-year university journey trying to evolve from fashion wearer to a some what professional fashion designer.

We will see how that goes but first let's go to Habitare!


On Friday, 13th of September 2019 I, Siiri the-trying-to-making-it-in-fashion-some-day Pakarinen heads to the Finland's biggest desing, furniture and interior fair, Habitare, in Helsinki. This is my first time going into a major fair as a student, or ever really, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see the grandeur of ideas, new innovations and evolving designer but also just being a part of the world of innovators. While in Habitare we are suppose to search and document phenomenons that we find interesting, influential and impressive as a part of our principles of the conception of ideas course. It can be anything from colors and shapes to brand's add campaings, all that matters is that you find it inspiring.

This year Habitare's theme is mindspaces which "moves between the material and the intangible, as well as the real and the imaginary". Basicly, it's about how our physical environments affect and reinforce different states of mind, as well as feelings, and how the spaces that we live in serve our emotial and physical needs.


Here's what I found interesting and inspiring while in Habitare:


"Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone."













"The best materials last through time, space and life situations – regardless the styles and trends."






"Use your creativity, not our natural resources!"


"New home for sustainability collects ethical products, inspiration and expertise under a one roof."


"Ethically produced in Finland"








Throughout the fair you could see some themes being repeated over and over again. One of the popular themes were obviously sustainability, clean and easy living and simplicity while still appearing beautiful, luxurious and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, neutral colors and natural fabrics such as wood, rattan, and linen were the materials of choice for many. All in all, Habitare really summed up the mood of today's world, people want peaceful environments where mind and body can rest and recharge efficiently far away from the noise of social media and constant stream of negative news.


More info about Habitare:


Thank you so much for reading!


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