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Eye makeup tutorial

Hi everybody!

In todays post I'll be sharing one makeup look. This time I decided to make this little tutorial so that it is easier for you to follow and recreate the look. Also this look is perfect for transition to fall. I hope you'll enjoy!

For this look I wanted to show you another way of using the Urban Decay and Jean-Michelle Basquiat Gold Griot eyeshadow palette. There is another post related to this palette if you're interested check it out. But now lets get started!

1. Star out using a light shadow (enigma) to your crease and blend well with a crease blender brush (XObeauty)

2. Take a shade bit deeper (levitation) than the first one and apply it to your crease as well using the same brush.

3. Then take a deeper burned orange (not for sale) and place it to your crease just a bit lower than other two colours. Use smaller crease blender brush (Mac 221)

4. Use dark blue shadow (pseudonym) and place it on the inner and outer corners of your eye leaving a blank space in the middle. Use a small crease brush and a small flat brush for layering more colour on to the eyelid. Take your time doing this.

5. Place lighter blue colour (BK) on the center of the eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush (XObeauty)

6. Use your finger to apply some silver shimmery shadow on top of the lighter blue.

7. Repeat crease work from points 1, 2 and 3 on your lower lid. I'm using blender brush to get a smokier effect.

8. Add some highlights to inner corner and brow bone. Finish the look with some mascara and false lashes if you like.

This is the final look. You can use any lip colour of your choice and slay the day with killer makeup.

Products used: NYX highlight and contour pro palette,

store of genius illuminating palette,

love contours all eye and face sculpting palette and HD studio concealer.

Smashbox studio skin foundation and photo finish primer.

Clarins wonder perfect mascara.

Maybeline lash sensational mascara.

Sephora blush in orange punchy sunbaked.

YSL rouge pur couture in a shade 70.

Makeup store lipliner in a shade passion.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked this tutorial and do subscribe by signing up for an email every time a new post goes up.

Love ya!




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