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Fashion in old Hollywood style – Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, also known as Princess of Monaco, was one of the Hollywood's most recognizable star and surely one of the worlds best known royal princess. Her classical beauty, good humor and hard working attitude towards everything she set her mind upon florished into something wonderfull and real. Grace appeared only in eleven movies during her acting career, won one Academy Award and a Golden Globe award, and is remembered best from classic Hitchcock films, such as Dial M for murder, Rear window and To cathc a thief. When leaving Hollywood, to marry Prince Rainier III and becoming Princess of Monaco, Grace's movie career ended but her love for acting never died. During her time as Princess of Monaco Grace consentrated on charity, cultural work and her royal duties. All together, Grace's legacy goes beyond the fairytale lovestory, marvalous actress and everlasting beauty. Her style, elegance and charm still inspires designers, artists and us dreamers, and will continue to do so in years to come.

Princesse Grace de Monaco – fashion icon

It is no suprise that a royal princess is well dressed and in the reach of world's best fashion designers but to be a former hollywood actress sets the bar even higher. Her wardrobe probably cosisted all of the things we can only dream of: exspensive fabrics, bathtub of champange, made to order desings, costumes form her movies... or at leats that's what we imagine when it comes to any hollywood actress' wardrobe. But the truth is Grace was more practical. She wasn't boring in any way but she was mesmerizing in the simplicity of her beauty. She was able to make anything look elegant and that made her an icon.

Grace's wardrobe might not have had a bathtub full of champagne but surely it held a lot of beautiful fabrics and made to order desings. In fact her wardrobe was so amazing that it has been on the show in many museums around the world. And for a good reason, from the iconic wedding dress to her best Oscars looks, this sellection of clothes just strenghtens the image of a fairytale. And who doesn't love a dream of a fabulous life?

Grace was not only a fashion icon and an award winning actress, but also an impressive model. Namenly, Grace worked as a model to pay her drama school tuitions. And what a model she was! Her blond hair, big eyes, swan like posture and the Grace Kelly elegance shines through as she calmly stares back from the pictures. She must have had that royalty in her bold, something that made her powerful and kind at the same time. Some would say: She was born to be a princess.

So, Grace was famous, beautiful, she did modeling and she had iconic outfits but something seems to be missing. In oder to be a true fashion icon you have to do something, so influential, so well that you're going to be recognized from it forever. And for Grace that thing was a bag. Not just any other bag, but a Hermès bag. See, during the time Grace was pregnand she tried to conseal her pregnancy from the public by placing a Hermès bag on top of her belly. In 1977, Hermès officially changed the name of their iconic bag to The Kelly bag. And the rest is history.

Grace Kelly- style

Grase's style reflected perfectly her position as an actress, a former hollywood star and a princess. Her style is best described as elegant, sophisticated glamour with a touch of magic.

Often, Grace wore simple dresses made out of beautiful fabrics, tulle, silk and lace. You can see her in big skirts and dresses that reminded of Dior's new look. Her standart skirt or dress leght was a classic and ever so elegant midi skirt that allowed you to show a bit of shoes and ankles but wasn't too falshy. Even her accessories were applied with good taste in a way that they never took over her look. Her favorites were pearls and subtle diamonds, and occasionally she wore something statment but even then everything was perfectly balanced.

I favor pearls on screen and in my private life.

– Grace Kelly

In Grace's more casual days she wore big sunglasses, headskarfs, hats, capri pants, smart tailoring and fitted outfits. I don't think there were a day she didn't look amazing in her hollywood sunglasses, pearl neckles and perfectly fitting trousers. She truly was an embodiment of casual elegants. Even, when she went sailing she wore a beautiful cabel knit jumper, a light, fitted trousers and probably a Hermès loafers.

Lasty, Grace Kelly's makeup was always on point. You never catched her wearing heavy eyeliner or harsh contouring but yet again: did she really need makeup? Regardless, Grare's makeup was stunning, fresh, light and echaned her natural beauty. The most dramatic makeup product she would wear was a red lipstick but even that is just a sign of her true elegants.

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