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Fashion in old hollywood style - Marilyn Monroe

The Seven Year Itch was one of Marilyn's most iconic movies with unforgettable scenes like the delicious breeze. In the movie a married man, Richard Sherman, meets a woman that works as a commersal actress for a brand of toothpaste and is a former model. On one evening they meet as the woman (Marilyn) accidently knocked off her tomato plant from her balcony and it lands straight on top of Richard's lounge chair. Because of this incident the two end up having drinks and spending some more time togerher in the days to come.

The Seven Year Itch is a romantic comedy by 20th Centry Fox and was relaested on the first of June 1955.

Marilyn's iconic white dress, from the movie The Seven Year Itch, is probadly one of the most unforgettable dresses in the world. It's a legend. Everybody loves it. Everybody knows it.

But would you dare to wear it?


And I'm going to show you how.

This post is all about co-operating old hollywood glamour with our modern day styles whetheris a party look or just everyday elegance. This is actually going to be a series and in every part we take a little bit of fashion inspiration from old hollywood movies and stars.

So if you love old hollywood as much as I do keep your eyes open for more.

I just love everything that's vintage or has the vintage feel and this sense of being a part of history. So I'm going to stick to the vintage feel and style this dress in a way that's different from the movie but still stay quite true to the decade of 50s but as always with a modern twist.

As I'm a big fan of Chanel and I have this jacket that reminds me of Coco Chanel, so I thought it would be fun to use it for this look. I feel like the jacket just adds a little edge to the dress and takes it away from Marilyn's style in the movie and tones in a bit more with my own style.

Then obviously bag is a must, so I decided to go for my white basket bag, which are quite in for this summer as well, only this bag has the true vintage look I was searching for. While the shape of the bag is really quite vintage with its gold closer, the fact that it's a basket bag makes it very modern. I actually added that pearl strap in order to achieve more interesting and enjoyable feel, instead of getting a gold medal strap or a white leather strap. This bag also delivers some interesting texture to the look and just makes it look cool (plus it photographs really well).

And lastly no vintage look, or any look for that matter, isn't completed without lot more beautiful pearls. Pearls are absolutely perfect for this look because they're modern enough to be worn at present but vintage enough so they go well with the 50s vibes.

Thank you so much for reading!

I hope you will like this new series and come back for more.



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