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Glam Diaries, week 10 – Wrapped In A Blanket Scarf...

Thursday 29.10.2020 – Wrapped in a blanket scarf...

Hi dear readers! I have been a little ill this past week (nothing serious if anyone was wondering) so I haven't really felt like doing "Glam Diaries". However, today I decided to dress up nicely (but comfortably, hence why I'm wrapped in a blanket scarf) and write a short post for you. To demonstrate my efforts today I even put on perfume which, well, just always makes my day even thought it feels so insignificant to mention but I guess it's just the nature of parfumes to make you feel special and luxurious and that's why it feels bigger than it is. What's more, I have been planning some magical December content for you in hopes that it could offer all of us a little getaway and fun reading.

I hope you're staying warm and well!

Outfit Notes

Pinstripe pants, light blue jumper, white vintage bag, silver earrings, black belt, blanket scarf and blue vintage heels.


How has your week been?

Do you find blanket scarfs a brilliant accessory?

What's your favorite perfume?


Thank you so much for reading!



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