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Glam Diaries, week 15 – Blue And Cool

Tuesday 15.12.2020 – Blue And Cool

It is a very cool, cold and grey winter's day and I am loving the coldness of Decemeber. Therefore, I decided to wear a cool toned look with blues. I also wanted to mix sophisticated style with something more casual and streetwear like hence why I went for denim jacket. However, I feel like denim as a fabric is quite classic so it doesn't look too odd with my more glamorous items. What do you think?

Moreover, I am doing the last school stuff today before Christmas and plan on working on the blog for the rest of the week so keep your eye on the next "Discovering Fashion" post which is all about my university journey studing footwear design. I hope your week is going well so far!

Outfit Notes

A blue jumper, a tweed dress, a blue beret with swan brooch, a blue envelope bag, a denim jacket, black tights, a pearl necklace and blue heels.


Are you loving the colder weather?

Do you like mixing different styles together?


Thank you so much for reading!



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