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Glam Diaries, week 19 – A Week In Knit Vest

Finally, I have catched up with the trends and made myself a knitted vest which has been widely popular in the recent years as most of you probably know. But is it any wonder, since a wooly vest is actually quite practical for allowing you to take thin shirts and blouses through autumn/winter without having to shiffer in the cold but also because they are adorable in their granddad charm and school uniform vibes that now has turned into a street style regular.

Naturally, my vest choice is neither streets style nor cool but definetly has that granddad charisma with a classic cabble knit design. What more can a girl want that a granddad charm, right? Anyway, now that the weather has properly turned into refreshing cold winds and wett showers I thought I might test out my knit vest theory and see if it is truly the styling genious that the fashion world has been going on about...




Monday 25.10.2021 – Union With The Kilt

The vintage kilt must be on of my favorite clothing items in my wardrobe. But ever since I managed to get holes in it the fear of ruining the kilt further has been hauting me. Luckily, it has now been fixed just in time for this knit vest experiment!

Outfit Notes

Knit vest – Made by me | Checked kilt – Vintage | Shirt – Second hand | Beated bag – Unknown, from my mother | Earrings – Pernille Corydon | Pearl necklace – Unknown | Watch – Daniel Wellington


Tuesday 26.10.2021 – Super Wools

Is there anything cosier than a double wool outfit? I don't think so. Especially, when paring the knit vest with a roll neck jumper I could not help but feeling like I was walking around in pyjamas.

Outfit Notes

Knit vest – Made by me | Roll neck jumper – Benetton | Jeans – Levi's | Hat – Second hand | Bag – Vintage | Belt – Vintage, from my grandmom | Earrings – Bonanza Paris | Brooch – Second hand | Nail varnish – Russian Rulette by Essie | Lipstick – Blush by HAVU Cosmetics


Wednesday 27.10.2021 – Happy Blouse

Whenever I want to feel extra pretty and whimsical (basically, like a candy cane) I opt for a light pink, stripped pussy bow blouse which I will happily pare with my new knit vest in order to keep the troubling autumn wind at bay.

Outfit Notes

Knit vest – Made by me | Blouse – Made by me | Earrings – Bonanza Paris | Bag – Second hand | Lipstick – Rouge Allure Velvet in shade 67 Peaceful by Chanel


Thursday 28.10.2021 – Super Wools 2

Well, I simply could not get enough of the double wool look so here we go again! This time I styled the vest with a black roll neck jumper and some vintage chain jewelry.

Outfit Notes

Knit vest – Made by me | Jumper – Benetton | Jeans – Levi's | Earrings – vintage | Necklace and wristlet – vintage | Bag – vintage


Friday 29.10.2021 – End Of The Week Elegance

Sometimes I really like to take the edge of as we step into the weekend and wear some pearls, hats and lace blouses as if some highborn lady... It is silly but I cannot help it! And it is thanks to the knit vest that I now can continue this lace blouse silliness through the winter.

Outfit Notes

Knit vest – Made by me | Blouse – Second hand: Part Two Copenhagen | Kilt – vintage | Hat – Puijon muoti | Pearl necklace – Unknown


Do you have a knit vest?

How do you feel about the knit vest trend?

How do you like to wear your knit vest?


Thank you so much for reading!



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