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Heat wave Fashion – Bikinis Takes The Streets!

First of all, who says bikinis are only for beach or pools because I feel like they can make a fabulous outfit during the almoust suffocatingly hot heatwave when even a thought of wearing anything slightly covered makes you sweat like a pig. Especially, if you're not used to hot weather a sudden strike of heat can feel unbareable and in the midst of just surviving trough the day bikinis becomes essential part of the heatwave survival kit. But just as you are about to head out the door a new fashionable problem occurs: Are bikinis an acceptable outfit to be seen in the streets? And can I even pull it off? Obviously, this is a matter of confidence as much as it is about styling your bikinis in a way no one can argue that bikinis have a place in the street!


Notes on bikinis:

  • Wear only bikinis you feel 100% comfortable in. Otherwise it is hard to rock them outside the beach.

  • For maximum coolness look for bikinis that are knitted or crocheted. These type of bikinis are more breathable plus they look way cuter and you can make them yourself in any color you want.

  • Don't forget to accessorises because you almoust need to dress up your bikini top to make it look like a part of the outfit and not like you're heading to the beach with your bikinis on. For instance, jewelry, statement shoes and sunglasses are show stoping yet simple ways you can dress up and bring class to the bikini outfit.

  • Don't step out without a jacket, shirt or a scarf because you might need to cover yourself a bit more in order to make bikinis street appropriate.

  • Know what is the right time and place to take bikinis in to the streets. For example, a casual summer party, a picnic, a day on the boat, a summer festival or a chilled evening are places bikinis can be an amazing fashion statement. But never wear them at dinner or on other more formal occasions!


How to style bikinis for the street:


Tender pink takes over

When your bikini top is this cute there's no way you're going to wear it under the T-shirt but on top of it. This is also the easiest way to wear your bikinis out without feeling too exposed or crazy. Then just pare your bikinis with a matching sneakers or some sandals, easy to wear shorts and a big hat for sun protection. I even added some silver and pink jewelry to go with my adorable mini bag and pink tones of the bikini top.


The color of life

Black and white gets a fresh but classic uptade with a touch of red from the color of life. While blue denim keeps it casual for everyday elegance. This time you can keep your bikini top under the shirt because highwaisted shorts and a crispy white shirt make sure there isn't too much skin on show. In fact, the bikini top looks almoust like a super short crop top now. Lastly just add your favorite pare of heels, lace socks and little red lipstick to deliver ultimate confidence when steping out the door.


Lovely lilac

With a help of double denim this lilac and yellow bikini top suddenly looks super wearable thanks to the highwaisted skirt and over sized jacket. While denim covers and brings texture to the look glod jewelry compliments yellow tones in the bikini top and violet tights goes well with the lilac. Then to add a pop of brightness, a white bag with gold hardwear will work wonders for the lovely lilac colors of this look.


Thank you so much for reading!



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