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Introducing Rosomanía – My Handbag Collection is coming soon!

Dearest reader,

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love working with yarns. And now that I have quite a bit of freetime in my hands, I wanted to share my creations with you. Recently, I discovered how to crochet roses and became quite obsessed but didn't know where to utilise them to their full potential. However, it was in late August (2023) when I, for the first time, tried the roses on a crochet handbag and immediately really loved the result. And that is how I got the idea to do a mini bag collection using the rose, the world's most romantical flower, as my creative guiding force.

Even though, the process of creating rose handbags is rather slow, I am hopeful that I have enough for the first drop by the end of this year (fingers crossed). In the meantime, you can follow rosomanía on Instagram for rosy, romantical content and behind the scenes.

Prices and where to buy the bags will be released later.

And now I'm off to crochet some bags!

Pink roses on a yellow background.


Are you excited for rosomanía handbags?


Yours truly,



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19 set 2023


When we can saw a new post with your vintage outfit with gloves?

This kind of posts inspired me to my outfits.

Mi piace
23 set 2023
Risposta a

Hello there :) Thank you for your feedback! I will definitely consider sharing more outfits with vintage pieces soon and perhaps even add the gloves.



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