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Invitation to My Shoe Exhibition – Prima Ballerina at Alexander Theater

Dearest reader,

It is my pleasure to invite you to view my small shoe exhibition at Alaxander Theater in Helsinki where my footwear collection Prima Ballerina is on show. The exhibition is free of charge and takes place in the theater's audiance foyer on the second floor on September-October 2022.


Alexander Theater

Bulevardi 23-27, Helsinki | | @aleksanterinteatteri

Alexander Theatre was named after the emperor Alexander II of Russia and opened its doors on 30th of March 1880. The Theatre’s repertoire has always been wide and diverse ranging from Italian opera to Russian theatre classics and operettas to vaudeville. In 1919 Alexander Theatre became the headquarters of Finnish National Ballet and remained so until 1993 when the new opera house opened.

Nowadays, at Alexander Theatre you are able to experience a variety of performing arts. Namely, the theatre hosts different dance, theatre and music performances as well as galas and competitions yearly. What is more, Alexander Theatre rents its dance halls for both professional and amateur dancers while its other accommodations can be rented out for photography purposes and private events.


The Prima Ballerina Collection

My footwear collection, Prima Ballerina, is inspired by pointe shoes, Swan Lake and rococo dance shoes and crafted from real silk, mohair yarn and vegetable dyed velvet. Furthermore, each shoe model is named after a famous ballerina or a character from ballet in order to bring forward ballet’s female stars.

Read more about the collection here.


I hope to see you in Alexander Theater!

Do let me know if you see the exhibition.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it!


Yours truly,



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