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Lady Of The Castle – New Season With Maison Vaincourt

(The belt featured in this post is kindly gifted by Maison Vaincourt.)

Location: Häme Castle

Photos: Saimi

On a one fine, sunny Sunday me and my sister make our ways to the medieval Häme castle that stands in the heart of the town. While walking along a shore of a lake we see as burned, red, brick walls rise against the blue midday sky, as strong as they first did 700 years ago. When we get to the castle we feel cold from a blowing wind crossing the lake but delighted of the castle's stubborn, grand character that makes anyone feel like a tiny, black ant standing next to it.

Inside, it is peaceful to stroll in the castle's old world that almoust feels forgotten like a myth that has become just a whisper or a daydream of something that was ones important. And then, you can never fully know the acts which went on behind the castle walls but you can always try to glimpse a feeling of what it might have felt to be alive 700 years back. However, once you think you established a memory of what the place could have been like you remember that no one can truly know, just imagine and then go back to simpler thoughts. So, we sigh and continue roaming about the castle feeling glad that it's finally autumn.

In the middle of our castle exploration my mind starts to travel and, as usual, lands on a matter of fashion: I wonder what is in for autumn/winter 2019? And what would a lady of this castle wear from the a/w catwalk shows?...


This year fashion is all about natural browns, creams and greys mixed with bold choices here and there from all blue, yellow, green and red looks. Hats and hero tailoring are also in for the season and longer boots couldn't look more fabulous with a statement coat pared with an oversized clutch bag. What's more, top to bottom knitwear takes a dominant place in the wardrobe's simple but fabulous section and belts have become our ultimate go-to's for spicing up all outfits. Basicly, it is all about layering same colors in different textures and adding that perfect finale touch in a form of tights, gold jewelry, oversized glasses or neck scarfs.

That doesn't sound like Middle Aged fashion to me but I am certain even a medieval lady wouldn't turn down a new season cashmere jumper!

So, one of my new favorite looks for a/w 2019 is double knitwear. Because it is so warm, chic, comfortable and classic at the same time but, most importanly, easy to style. For example, for this Häme castle exploration outfit all I needed was a basic, cream knit skirt and a jumper pared with a leather belt from Maison Vaincourt, some boots and a statement coat. Perhaps, the lady of the castle would pick somethings similar or, at least, lots of wool knits for her autumn wardrobe as well.


Once you have found your basic knits you can effortlessly change the look with different shoes, jackets, hats and belts. Especially, belts have a massive positive impact on you knitwear style as they add a little attitude to the outfit as well as create a sleek but figure huging siluette. All in all, double knitwear looks simple, easy and fabulous anywhere and in any century.



As mentioned in the beginning, the fabulous belt featured in all of my outfits is gifted by an amazing French accessories genius Maison Vaincourt. The brand was founded in 2015 by Elisabeth Schmitt and servers exquisite yet timelessly elegant pieces from belts to pouches and bags to bracelets. All of the leather goods are handmade and crafted by professionals, in Limonges, using trafitional production techniques.

So, it is needles to say that Maison Vaincourt's charming craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellent designs made me instantly drawn to the brand first through instagram and then, several emails later, I was convinced this is a perfect brand to work with in my first ever collaboration. So, a huge thank you to Maison Vaincourt for this opportunity and providing me with a belt that will last a lifetime.

See all of the Maison Vaincourt leather goods here and/or visit their showroom at 16 rue de la Sourdière in Paris.


...After some time my focus suddenly turns from the new season fashion back to the castle's airy rooms as my sister starts to sing Elvis Presley's "Can't help falling in love with you" in a light, echoy hall. A song that has been an all time favorite of us sounds angelic and pure as ever in a castle that has probably never even heard of it. But that's the beauty of a true masterpiece: it is old but ageless, it has a quality of a myth and memory of generations, just like the castle.

Once again, I am reminded there's truly no better way to spend a Sunday than surrounded by history!



Where would you spend an autumnal Sunday?



Thank you so much for reading!


P.S Huge thanks to my sister for taking these pictures and exploring the medieval Häme castle with me!


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