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Life Lessons from Knitting & Crocheting

Dearest reader,

Ever since I started knitting and crocheting I quickly discovered the mental battles of crafting: the strive for perfection, the excitement of a new idea, the slow and meticulous process and, variably, the dreaded disappointment or sweet success in the end. However, and dispite of these emotions bubling under calm yet focused visage of a knitting lady, they have done infinantly more good than bad. Of course, every craft person on earth has talked about the benefits of knitting, so I too want to share the life lessons I have picked up from the needles with you today. Let's jump in!

A girl with a rose handbag.

You can always start again

If it goes wrong, you can start again. If you get bored, you can start again. If you simply feel like it, you can start again. And that is the beauty of working with yarns which are one of the easiest materials to recycle, reuse and repurpose. Once you realize that, everything becomes more harmonious in life as well as craft.

When you make a decition you also have to deal with the consequences

Decition making is scary but so crucial in order to move on in projects. Sometimes you know exactly what to decide and how it's going to affect the outcome but other times it's like searching your glasses in the dark with little clues and heaps of uncertainty. In both cases the consequences will appear eventually which you have to take respobsibility for.

Planning is important but improvising even more so

A good plan gives direction but if you're not able to change the plan when needed it's going to be a painful road. For example, sometimes the yarn just doesn't perform the way you thought it would with the pattern you chose etc. and that is when an ability to rethink becomes crucial.

Anything worth creating requires patience and dedication

You know the feeling when a new idea comes and you have to start it as soon as possible, and then, you want to finish it ALSO as soon as possible... Well, never say never, but most of the time if you want to create something beautiful it is going to take time, demand dedication and require more patience than you ever imagined. But it is always worth it.

a girl with a rose handbag.
My work desk at home where I create all my creations.

Sometimes the process is more important than the outcome

The amount of mediocre or failed projects I have done is high, but looking back, I don't regret any of them because they have been important steps in perfecting and learning from my craft. I would not have the skills I have today if it weren't for all of those not-so-instagram-worthy projects.

Opportunities are endless

Once you start researching and brainstroming everything you could create, a few different feelings arise and one of them, hopefully, leads to a realization that you are capable of all this. That a lot of this knowledge and expertise out there is within your reach and some already inside of you. Just keep your mind and eyes open!

You are uniquely you and they are uniquely them

There is space for everyone in the knitting and crafting community because each of us create things differently according to our unique position and experiences in the world. Nobody can do it the way you do and that translates physically to the products as well. That being said, there is also a fine line between being inspired by someone else's creation and downright copying.


What lessons you have learned from knitting or crocheting?


Yours truly,


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