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Making an Impact – My minimal makeup rutine

Recently, I moved to my first own place and, as much as, it is fun and liberating to have control over every aspect of your household, it also comes with a number of not so fabulous tasks from cleaning to managing your finances. The last one being the most boring subject in the world and totally not in my comfort zone, regardless, I've had to learn some serious budgeting over the past few months. And now you're probably wondering how this has anything to do with makeup but don't you worry, it all makes sense. Namenly, everything comes down to the fact that in my tight student budget makeup is a very costly expense, therefore, I've had to have a serious rethink through my whole entire beauty rutine.

So, in order to be on top of my makeup game as well as maintaining, somewhat, financially secure life (basicly staying alive while living my chosen lifestyle) I've needed to cut down my makeup rutine as much as possible in a way that it works both with what I need from my makeup and what my bank account has to say about it. As a result, my makeup rutine is now quicker and easier but most of all truly more effective than ever before.

Here is my new minimal everyday makeup look:



Foundation And Concealer

When cutting down my makeup rutine I strated with asking myself what are the most important beauty products for me? Lipstick was my first thought and it will always be the most important part of the makeup but when talking about your whole face I certainly don't feel comfortable without some kind of base as well. Therefore, concealer and a light foundation rose to be one of the most impactful steps of my everyday glam rutine.

It is true that foundation and concealer can do wonders for your complexion but only by using the right products combined with all the other contributing factors such as time, cost and wear. First of all, you don't want to get anything too expensive that takes a long time to blend and doesn't last the time you need it to last. My solution to this is to get a light foundation, preferably, a cc or a bb cream that will create glowy, natural finish and then go over with consealer wherever you need it. But remember not to get too heavy handed with the consealer. After all, you're, or at least I am, looking for naturaly perfect complexion with freshness that is only achievable with light layers of radiant products.

Personally, I find Lumene's face products amazing for fresh everyday makeup as well as easy to apply and they're not overly expensive either. For example, in this look I used their Naturally Perfect cc cream that melts into your own skin color and Brighting Flawless Concealer for any blemishes I wanted to cover. I also like Lumene's Instant Glow Beauty Serum when I fancy change things up a little.



Powder And Blush

Then, of cource, you need powder to set your concealer and to control any extra oils, so taking powder off from my makeup rutine wasn't an option. For this look I also used a Lumene's powder with color correcting abilities on my t zone, not on the whole face because, once again, I want my skin looking radiant, never dry.

When it comes to other powderes on the face an easy way to simplify your makeup rutine is to decide which one you prefer, blush or bronzer. When you apply only one cheek product you safe time in the mornings and actually look much more fresh when your cheeks aren't packed with layers of product. Personally, I am a blush girl and I put on a lot of blush (even if you can't really see it in these pictures). By doing this I have noticed that my skin looks fresher, younger and more radiant while also making room in my makeup bag. And to answer your questions, no I do not even miss the days of bronzer. All I need is a little rouge to my cheeks!



Light Contouring

Even if I am giving bronzer away it doesn't mean I need to compromise from a little contour. But again to safe time choose carefully the areas that are the most important for you to redefine. For me those things are my nose and an area around my lips. So with a fluffy little brush I dip lightly into my contour shade and apply it along the sides and the tip of my nose, as well as, under my lower lip and into a hollow of my cupid's bow. For this I used my favorite Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer And Blush Glow palette.



Eye Shadow

No matter how simple my makeup is going to be I always love to define my eyes a little. The best way, in my opinion, is to use the same contour/bronzer and blush we used for my cheeks and nose. Using the same products you're certainly safing a few extra coins and some time when quickly swiping the color on from the same container as in the previous steps. So, I apply some brown in to my crease and on my lower lid and then on top of that a little blush for a healthy, glowing look.




So, shall we talk about making an impact. There's so much you can do with makeup but not all of it is quick, easy and powerful. So, what is all of those things? For me, it's a classic black eye liner that always makes a diffrence, always goes with everything and is always appropriate to wear anywhere. Surely, it takes practice to master the art of liner but onces you do find your technique and favorite product drawing your wings and lines becomes one with your hand. Personally, I love a wooden liner in black and this one I am using is basic but fabulous coal liner from L'oréal Paris.




We can all agree that face is not complete without a brow that frames it. So, let's not skip the them. I like a simple brow that doesn't look too unnatural and strong. That's why I use hard wooden pencils that softly draws out my brows. I also find wooden pencils more affordable than plastic ones as well as super easy to use even if they're not sharp. The pencil I have beem using for the past four months is Lumene's eyebrow pencil in a color 2.




I think is safe to say that mascara is a must have makeup item and, therefore, also a part of my minimal beauty rutine. To get the perfect finish I first curl my lashes and then apply a a lot of mascara because, after lipstick, lashes are the second most important step for me and I want them to be seen. So, a thick layer of this Paradise Extatic mascara from L'oréar is a perfect everyday show stopper.




Finally onto the last but most important step of all, lipstick. I always start with a nude lip liner to map out the shape of my lips and then I go back with my secret weapon, red lip liner, to really keep these lips defined and plump looking. Lastly, to finish of I swipe my luxurious, nude Lancôme lipstick on top to complete this simple but chic everyday makeup look.


The Finished Look

The finished result is radian, natural, classic and elegant with an ability to adapt, for example, to a new lip color. Most of all this look is the ultimate basics, the most minimal way I can do my makeup without feeling naked or only half dressed and let me tell you, for the first time, it feels good to be quick about beauty.

All in all, it took some time to figure out what are the most crucial steps for me when it comes to everyday makeup and this is the result of my six year beauty journey from trying different foundation to changing up my eyeshadow daily. Even though, I doubt this rutine will stay completely the same it is nice to have one basic look when you simply don't know what to wear. I guess, after everything it all comes down to knowing yourself also in the eyes of style.

I hope that you found few tips on how you can also simplify, speed up and lower the cost of your everyday makeup rutine. Because, even if life is busy we don't have to forget about beauty, only adapt to new ways of doing it.

Products used in this post:

Filmstar Bronzer And Blush Glow from Charlotte Tilbury (unfortunately not available anymore)

Have a look at these instead:


Thank you so much for reading!


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