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My Favorite Green Outfits for Autumn with Lelay Luisa Jewelry


Dearest reader,

Autumn is known as a season of rich orange, red, brown and mustardy yellow tones that for a short while color the world in splendid scensory bliss. However, there are multitude of other autumnal colors such as green, navy, plum or deep pink which get a rarer mention among our autumnal fashion talk. Particularly for me, variations of green is what I reach for when the weather gets colder, which is why I decided to dedicate a whole post for my most adored green looks to wear in autumn, the best season of the year.

Furthermore, in today's post I will style my green outfits with some new jewelry treasures from Lelay Luisa, a London based jewelry brand inspiring women to feel fearless and bold. They have also offered you, my dearest readers, a generous 80% discount code "SIIRIPAKARINEN" which you can use in their checkout.



Even though autumn is a time of rich and deep tones there is nothing that can stop you from wearing those lighter green shades as well. This delicate jade green cardigian styled with a matching green and gold "Ambrel" necklace from Lelay Luisa and pared with a deeper cherry red lipstick is just enough to subtly welcome the new season ahead.

Featured: "Ambrel" a gold necklace with a jade like stone from Lelay Luisa


Nothing says cozy quite like a good old cable knit vest in earthy moss green pared with a tartan skirt and a classic blue striped shirt. This nod to traditional English style compliments both Lelay Luisa's green "Ambrel" necklace and elegant drop pearl earrings.

Featured: "Ambrel" a gold necklace with a jade like stone and "Amella" drop pearl earrings from Lelay Luisa


It is possible that while surrounded by the colorplay of nature you yourself crave for a brighter take on autumn colors as well. With a help from a vibrant spruce green jumper and a blue silk scarf a freshly delightful autumn outfit is formed. Naturally, for an extra dose of elegance some pearl jewelry from Lelay Luisa must be added.

Featured: "Fact" a pearl necklace and "Amella" drop pearl earrings from Lelay Luisa


This would not be a post about my favorite autumn outfits without mentioning my beloved tweed suit in McLeod hunting tartan that effortlessly mimics the woodland coloring with a mix of warm green, blue, brown, orange and yellow. Lastly, to complite this luxurious Scottish ensemble some pearls from will do wonderfully.

Featured: "Fact" a pearl necklace and "Amella" drop pearl earrings from Lelay Luisa


Which Lelay Luisa jewelry piece was your favorite?

Remember to use the code "SIIRIPAKARINEN" in checkout for 80% off of your jewelry purchase!

What is your most worn color in autumn?

What colors you would like to incorporate with your style this autumn?


Yours truly,


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