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Not Your Standard Sneakers!– Discovering Minna Parikka's "Tail Sneaks"

While the world has been crazy for those big, "ugly" trainers from Balenciaga and number of other brands, some have taken the trainer obsessions to a much more glittery level, making trainers, well, more than just shoes. And in this case, trainers turned into bunnies or as Minna Parikka, the creator of the bunny sneakers calls her creations, "tail sneaks". With a pink, fluffy tail and adorable bunny ears Parikka's glittery, powder pink "tail sneaks" are sure to stand out from the masses of "ugly" trainers not only for their unique looks but also for the fact they're more than just trainers. They are fashion turned upside down! And they look like they jumped out of wonderland!


The box and beyond

While ordering my pare I feel like I didn't even fully realize what I was getting, but as I went to pick up the pink, you heard right, pink package from our local post office I remembered that these are not in any way your standard sneakers. They don't come in a brown box but in pink, they're not wrapped in a white tissue paper but ones again in pink, and in general they're unlike anything I have ever seen. So, you're not only getting the most over the top shoes in your life but also a full magical experience of opening a box to wonderland. And I loved every second of it!

So, the shoes comes in a light pink box that says Minna Parikka, in metallic pink of course, on top of the box. Inside the box are your boring but, in this case, super exciting receipts and cards, and a pink dust bag for traveling and protection. Then you have to survive through the pink tissue paper to get to your Glittery! Powder pink! Bunny sneakers! Can you sense my excitement yet!?!? Like, what is life! Ok, I need to calm down. So, now I am holding my insane sneakers that smell like new born shoes and WOW! they look even better in real life. All those textures of the glitter, the fluffy tail, pink rubber sole and cotton laces makes the shoes look simply delicious. At this stage, it seems possible that the shoes will most likely also taste sweet if you were to lik it.


Bunnies under the microscope

My pare of "tail sneaks" are called "powder glitter" on the Minna Parikka website which I think is a combination of the actual color of the shoes, powder pink, and the material of the outside shell, glitter. The glitter on the outside is made of synthetis materials but the insole of the shoes is leather while the tail is lamb fur and the very outher sole of the shoes is rubber.

My pare is in the size 35 which is their smallest size for adults as well as my true size. However, if you are in between sizes take a size smaller, especially, if you have narrow feet because the sneakers are a bit roomy when it comes to the width of the shoes. This is also what they recommend on the website. Personally, I have a quite narrow feet so I find the sneaks quite roomy but luckily you are able to thighten the laces really tight and with a help of an extra insole there's no worries.


Why I chose the "tail sneaks"?

I chose the tail sneaks for two reasons. One being that I already have a one pare of Minna Parikka heels in the classic style, Raquel. So, heels were sadly not an option this time. Then I really wanted something I could wear a lot and feel quite comfortable in but never boring. That being said, my first choice are always heels (that's why my first pare was heels), however, even I can't wear heels 24/7, so I figured I need a nice and little bit over the top flats so I still feel like myself wearing them.

Then, after painfully refusing to buy the most perfect heels ever for practicality (I mean who am I!) I came to a decision that these tail sneaks are exactly what I want from a sneakers. Fabulous, funny, whimsical and look nothing like sports trainers, and they're ridiculous. But that's why I love them. Because they're so loud I don't even think about heels when wearing them. They're flats that have reached the level of love I have for heels and that takes a lot from shoes to get to the heel level without having an actual heel.


Thank you so much for reading!



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