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One dress, multiple occasions

So is it possible to find a perfect dress fit for most occasion? Yes it is! But the real question is how. Today I’m going to tell you the secret of finding the perfect dress for work, party, casual shopping day or holiday, you name it. I’m also going to be touching the topic of how to style a dress and what it takes to bring your look from night out to a casual day wear.

Know yourself

This is probably the most important part when you're on a hunt of a perfect dress simple because that's what's going to define what kind of a dress you end up getting. So firstly think about the colours you often wear and love. Then think about your body shape and little things you find looks the best on you. Knowing what you like and looks good on you is important not only because you need to feel confident wearing the dress but also because that dress is going to be a strong stable in your closet. then think about all the accessories and clothing you already own and the colour palette you often go for. This is essential because you have to be able to pare the dress with most of your closet so that you're able to wear it many different ways. Obviously I recommend getting something fairly simple with a classic colour such as black, dark green or white depending what you prefer.

For example I went for quite lose navy blue dress from Ganni because it fits well to my colour palette and it's lose so it won't be too unconfferbul to wear. My dress has a turtle neck which I love and it's on a shorter side to make sure my short legs will not get lost in the fabric.

1. Know your colours

2. Actknowlige what looks good on your body shape

3. Make sure you can wear it with things you already own

4. Remember that you need to feel confident and beautiful wearing it

Shortly, know what you like and don't like.

What to look for in general

Things to note out while hunting the perfect dress are fit, quality of the fabric, price point and practicality of the dress. If it fits well on you, the fabric feels nice and high end and you can see yourself wearing the dress with multiple things in various occasions and the price point is fine to you it's a good start.

With my Ganni dress I thought all of these things. The fabric is light, pleasant to wear and the fit is right. I can pare the dress with most of the items I have and I can wear it during all seasons. Also because the top part of the dress is see-through I'm able to change my look just by wearing a different top underneath it. I'm also able to change the vibe of my look for example just by adding on different tights and shoes. with this dress I have a lot of space to put my own stamp on it and make it work the way I want it to. And that's important no matter what it is you're looking for.

1. Make sure the dress fits

2. Check that the fabric is good quality

3. Check the price point

4. Make sure you're able to wear it all year round

What to stay away from

When looking for a perfect dress there are quite a few red exclamation marks along the way. First you probably should stay away from busy, detailed fabrics or super colourful dresses and complicated fits because then you might not be able to wear you dress with a lot of ways or it's suitable for only one season. I also recommend thinking realistically are you actually going to get the wear out of this piece you want. And also remember that you're buying a practical dress so leave all those ideas of changing your style a little or trying something new for another dress. And most importantly don't buy a dress that just does not fit. It's just going to be irritating, sad and no doubt all your confidence will fly to the wind.

1. Stay away from super detailed fabrics

2. Stay clear from really colourful options

3. Don't by a dress that doesn't fit

4. Don't get a dress you don't feel confident in

5. Don't start any wild style experiments when trying to buy a practical dress

I hope you found this post helpfull, informative and interesting to read. Please make sure you leave a comment if you have any suggestions or changes you would like me to take in to consideration when creating content.

Thank you much for reading.


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