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Picnic Of Dreams – Guide on picnicing

Picnic is one of the most extraordinary ways to have a meal, spend time with your friends and be in the middle of nature totally unaware of the world but yet in the very core of life. Most of all picnic is about relaxing, laughing silently with the wind, reading a book accompanied by the singing of birds and laying under the shadows of the oldest tree in the garden. And sometimes, if you're a very lucky, picnic can turn into a great adventure which I am obviously not going to tell you about, because it's always much more fun to be suprised.


However, sometimes it is hard to have the full, serene picnic experience because there's a lot of unnecessary noise, especially, near cities where the air can be quite dusty, people are loud and grass is either protected or full of rubbish that some very dumb people have thrown everywhere. But that's precisely why picnics in most cases need to be started with a short trip to the more peaceful areas of the city or even to the countryside. Ideally, this will set everybodys minds in the cheerful and adventurous mood that will ensure the picnic is going to be wonderful no matter what really happens. That being said, if you happen to life in a very garden rich area, your own backyard is surely another excellent setting to have the most epic picnic of the summer.

Essential places for a picnic:

Your very own garden under the apple tree

By the lake or a pond, especially if a family of swans lives there

On a meadow amongst butterflies

In a nearby park

On a boat that's sailing for fun

On a little colorful island


As wonderful as picnic are, and as fun as it is to eat outside in a totally new place, picnics can be tricky in terms of what you should really pack with you. Obviously, a big basket filled to the brim with delicious baked goods, colorful fruits and drinks as well as clinking porcelain accompanied with clean, soft tea towels and a blanket to sit on are all key pieces of a successful picnic.

Must have items on a picnic:

A huge basket to carry all your picnic lunch in

A picnic appropriate porcelain set

Tea towels or napkins to protect your clothes and wrap your lunch and dirty dishes in

A parasol is always handy

What to eat and drink on a picnic:

Cucumber sandwiches


Oatmeal biscuits

Banana bread


Orange juice


Now that we have sorted out the place and what to take to a picnic is, finally, time to talk about the outfit. What do people wear on picnics? Surely, it needs to be something rather practical, perhaps warm but still pretty and reasonably glam. And of course it also depents on a place, weather and your mood as well.

Personally, I recommend longer dresses as they can be quite glam and often pretty as well, and they are more comfortable to sit in when you know you're not going to flash your underwear as easily. However, if you're not a dress person then linen suit is always comfortable, beautiful and potentially warmer than a dress, and you can get some very casual ones too. Then of course denim is also a great option for a more casual picnic attire and very versatail as well. You can wear a denim dress, denim jeans and a shirt look, a longer denim skirt or even a denim boilersuit. Also light knitwear would look fabulous and super cute, especially those adorable crocheted pieces.

What to wear on a picnic:

Longer dresses

Linen suits


Light knitwear

Bolder makeup such as red lipstick, colorful eyeshadow or a winged liner

Lastly, let's talk about accessories. It is good to have a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun as well as a scarf to keep you warm if the weather gets suddenly chillier. Then I would recommend taking a bigger bag or another basket to carry all this in it. But when it comes to shoes the best option is sandals as they are really summery and you can get them heeled or flat depending on what you want, and are quite comfortable shoes after all. Other shoe options are ballerinas or espadrilles which both are very summery and cute, and would look amazing with almoust any outfit.

Another great tip to spice up your more simpler outfits is through makeup and jewelry. This is great because you can just put on a statement earring or a necklace with a white t-shirt and look more glam than ever while still being comfortable. You can do the same with makeup and put on a bold lipstick or colorful eyeshadow to deliver your most fantastical picnic dreams.

Must have accesories to take on a picnic:

A hat


A bigger silk scarf

Sandals, ballerinas or espadrilles

A tote bag or a basket

Statement jewelry


Thank you so much for reading!



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