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Pink Knit Bralette And My Knitting Tips – S/S 2022 Knitting

Dearest reader,

It has only been a week or so since I talked about my summer knitting plans and now I have already managed to complite one of them. Namely, I recently had a weekend of knitting during which I was able to create a pink halterneck bralette from some excess yarns. I am as surprised as you are of my current knitting speed but I assure you this bralette, as simple as it may appear, was not without difficulties. First, I ran out of lilac yarn which is why the bralette became a halterneck since that style requiers less yarn. Then I had to add a pink trim to it because there was still some barbie pink yarn left and, naturally, I did not want to waste it. And when I finally reached the end, the bralette was quite different from what I had originally planned but that is the way it goes sometimes.

Lastly, I want to share some useful tips about bralettes which you may benefit from when knitting your own bralette:

  1. Make it a little bit smaller than your true size. Although, a knitted bralette will never give you the same support as normal bras do you still want everyone, well, to stay in their place. Remember that knit stretches so going a few centimeters smaller makes the bralette more comfortable and secure to wear. For example, I knitted the bralette according to the width of my waist which is several centimeters smaller than the width of my chest area but because of the stretchy quality of the knit it fits perfectly.

  2. Test out different knit patterns for your bralette's shoulder straps. Some knit patterns make the shoulder straps curl under instead of staying nice and flat, especially, when you are knitting wider shoulder straps. You can see in the pictures how I changed the knit pattern on the strap in order to make it stay in shape.

Knitted bralette – made by me | Leather skirt – vintage | Moomin silk scarf – old from my collection | Bag – Secondhand | Necklace and earrings – old from my collection | Pink ring – Pylones | Bell ring – Made by Katja Virtanen-Laine | Lipstick – YSL Rouge Pur Couture shade 01


Have you ever knitted a bralette? If you have, what would your tips be?


Thank you so much for reading!

Yours truly,



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