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Rosomanía Drop 1 – My Bag Collection Is Here!

Dearest reader,

You might remember that I have been working on a crochet bag project called Rosomania since last summer. And today, it is my pleasure to announce that you can now view and purchase my first rose bag collection, The Colours of Romance, on Etsy. How exciting indeed!

Briefly about the Collection:

The Colours of Romance is a visual, crocheted love letter to roses (the most romantic flower of our world) and joyful colour combinations where every colour is a romantic colour. Much like giving real roses to commemorate a special occasion, giving, receiving or wearing a Rosomania Handbag has the same effect. Only Rosomania lasts a lifetime. So, are you ready to make your one life a romantical one? Naturally, I urge you to begin your romance with Rosomania!

Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a Rosomanía Handbag everything you need to know including prices, shipping, bag care, materials & sizes are listed in Rosomania's Etsy shop. However, I am happy to answer any questions in the comments here, Instaragram or in DMs in Etsy.

These Are 3 of My Favorite Bags from Drop 1:

Joyful Shopping!

And don't forget to follow @therosomania on Instagram for more rosy content & behind the scenes.


Are you ready to begin your romance with Rosomania?

Which rose handbag is your favorite?

Do you have a colour combination wish for future collections?


Yours truly,


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