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Shoes madness – Don't you step on my blue suede shoes!

Among fashion fanatics there's two sides you can choose in a matter of spending your hard earned coins. You can be the one to put it on a gorgeous, smooth, leather hadbag with a silver starp or you can be the one who can never have too many Malono Blahniks. And sometimes it is simply impossible to choose between a bag or a shoes. In fact we hate the word or, it would be so much more convenient for our outfits to always use use the word and. Sadly using the word and instead of or just doesn't always (never) fit in our budget. So that being said, usually in this blog we choose the shoes!

Diagnosed as shoe maniac


Nothing beats the moment you get a new pare of shoes. They smell amazing, they look amazing and they feel amazing, even if we get bad blisters from wearing them we still love them too much to have the senses to stop wearing them. But what's even better, is when you fall in love over and over again with an old pare of shoes that have stand the test of time and that bitchy attitude of life. A prove you really didn't waste your money when everyone though you were nuts. So yeah, just tap yourself on a shoulder right there.

But after all, the main question still stands strong in the wind; why shoes steals our hearts, every time we take a leap of faith and try on those skyhigh platforms? Today we're going to find out the mystery behind this strange connection of our heart strings and shoelaces.

Here are five reasons to the epidemic of shoe madness.

1. Shoes make us feel invincible and confident


It seems that so many of us feels absolutely fabulous when wearing our favorite pare of shoes. Even stars like Marilyn Monroe, ”Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” and Elvis Presley, after all he has the song "Blue Suede Shoes", are icons that felt the shoe madness. But the way shoes make us feel confident and some what invincible touches everybody. Namenly, walking in a well fitted, beatiful pare lifts the spirit while straightens your posture and boosts up your convidence. It is undenieable that three in one is a pretty good deal and just for a pare of shoes. Even according to some studies shoe sales do not go down even during the times of economical difficulties, on the contrary sales tend to go up. And if that's not a sign of love then I don't know what is.

2. Shoes can transform any outfit


Another thing that makes shoes simply perfect is their ability to trasform any outfit into anything but boring. Seriously, shoes are like magic when it comes to styling. You can take a chic, elegant pare of kneehigh boots and boom! the result: most fabolous winter outfit. Or you can turn a relatively normal look into a fun celebration of sparkly, block heel just by puting on a risky pare of funness. Shortly, It is just a hard fact that when in doubt that your outfit is boring just add those killer heels and you're the most stylish person in the city.

"But don't you Step on my blue suede shoes Well you can do anything But stay off of my blue suede shoes"

– Elvis Presley: Blue Suede Shoes, songwriter: Carl Perkins

3. Shoes make us feel beautiful


It is safe to say that pretty much every woman has a soft spot for heels, at leat I do. Despite the pain in your feet after a long day of good shoe day, heels' benefits go above and beyond our dreams. Because, one, heels make our legs appear longer and truly make everyone look like a super model. And two, they give this wonderfull curve to your ankle and really lifts the dum so that all those nights when you didn't go to the gym disappear in seconds. Therefore heels are truly like fotoshop in real life... and even if we would love to say we don't need them, we just can't get enough of them!

4. Shoes are like artwork


Everytime I shop shoes or just scroll through the internet staring at pictures of Shopia Webster butterfly heels I can't help but gasp and be amased all over again. Shoe designers really are genious and to my eyes, like artists. Just think about it how many amazing, magical pares are out there and how much collecting shoes reminds collecting art: shoes can amaze, amuse and shock as much as art can, and buing them is surely as exciting if not even more thrilling. Also like in any type of art, shoes tests the boudaries of ideals, stereotypes as well as craftmanship. And what's more, it is fun to think that you are walking in an artwork.

5. Your size rarely changes


Let's not pretend like we always love working out and going on to that second run of the week. Skipping your workout is not a sin, even if it show on your belly. That being said, the worst effect of cutting out runing is not getting softer curves, but not being able to fit into your favorite pare of jeans. Luckily this horor story doesn't usually apply to shoes. Because shoes will always fit. Shoes will always be more forgiving and shoes will be there at any age reminding you that some things never change, even if you do.

Thank you so much for reading!



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