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How to Take Your Winter Tweeds into Spring And Summer

Dearest reader,

Just because the weather is slowly getting warmer doesn't mean your favorite winter tweed pieces are becoming useless. In fact, the secret to a perfectly funtioning wardrobe is the ability to wear a lot of your clothes through all seasons. Especially, in spring when the weather and temperature are prone to quick changes you will find that tweed works perfectly through both sunshine and rain. But of course, you will look exceptionally smart as well!

Here is how I plan on wearing my winter tweeds in spring and summer:


Tweed with


Crochet lace is certainly not only for high summer but more than suitable for those warmer, tender spring days when pared with a vintage tartan skirt. Although and with any luck, it will take another month before the temperature is truly appropriate here in Finland for such airy top halfs. Until then, I can only continue posing indoors.

Outfit Notes

Crochet top hat are made by me | Crochet jacket is made by my great grandmother | Tartan skirt is 70s vintage | Basket bag is secondhand | Pearl necklace is from Ibero

Tweed with


It is no secret that I am a deeply devoted lover of knitwear be it winter or spring which is why I can hardly think of a more delightful outfit than tweed trousers styled with a classic cotton cable knit top. And since it is cheerful springtime why not to add some larger than life earrings and a leopard print pillbox hat!

Outfit Notes:

Knit top is made by me | Tweed trousers are made by me and my mother | Hat is sevondhand | Bag is secondhand | Earrings are from Sezanne

Tweed with


I do not live by many fashion rules but this one I will always remind myself of: never underestimate a power of a fabulous blouse since it is the quickest route to a chic and sophisticated outfit. With numerous wow factors such as bows, ruffles, pleats and prinst, a fabulous blouse makes even dense wool tweed spring appropriate. I decieded to wear mine with tweed trousers and a matching waistcoat.

Outfit Notes:

Pink blouse is made by me | Tweed waistcoat and trousers are made by me and my mother | Beret is secondhand | Earrings are from Bonanza Paris | Bag is made by me

Tweed with


Is it possible for an elegant creamy white dress to become even more elegant? Only when wearing a tweed blazer on top and a layer of beautiful lipstick on your lips. And if you manage to squeeze in a couple of gold jewelry pieces you are practically the very picture of elegance. Trust me on this!

Outfit Notes:

Knit dress is made by me | Blazer is made by me and my mother | Bag is 80s vintage from my great grandmother | Necklace is 70s vintage from Audrey Leighton Vintage | Earring is secondhand


Last but never the least, I would love to hear your thoughts, dearest reader:

How are you planning on utilising your winter tweeds this spring and summer?

Which one above was your favorite outfit?


Thank you so much for reading!

Yours truly,



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