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The Elegant And Eternally Posh – Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Lookbook

Almoust all the leafs have fallen down where I live and the weather forecast promises some snow falls next week. Even thought, late autumn is in the air we haven't yet had the pleasure of enjoying too many crisp autumn days nor mornings. But, I might still have to put my bike away for winter and get used to driving around in buses again. And ones and for all, I certainly should be planning some new looks for the late autumn and the coming winter.


This fashion edition is all about classic shades of black, white, cream and red with a touch of gold peeking through in places. I am also pulling out all black looks from the cupboards to introduce a marvelous background for accessories, and to remind you of the power of black: color that suit everyone, anywhere and anytime. Then we can't forget tweed, one of my favorite fabrics, is having a moment, at least, on the Chanel Fall-Winter 2019/20 Ready-to-wear show from which I took some inspiration for today's outfits.


Play Of Chain


Speaking of all black, this has been one of my favorite looks this autumn. Not only is it so comfortable but also features some of my favorite clothing items: a polo neck jumper, black heels and the "Chanel chain" which I love the look of. So, just imagine the joy when I found these black and gold jewelry in a one vintage boutique another day. I thought, they were a perfect match with the white and gold chain on the bag and, therefore, finished the outfit there and then on the spot.


What's more, nothing in this outfit is new. The jumper must be, at least, three years old, the trousers have to be even older than the jumper, my shoes are from last year and all the jewelry and the bag are vintage. But the best thing is if you wanted to recreate this look (which you might already have in the perivous years given that all black is hardly my invention) you too probably have a black top, a black trousers and a black shoes in the wardrobe. So, bring on that black ones again but this time don't forget to add the splash of gold!


For The Love Of Tweed


When I saw this Chanel's tweed outfit in this year's british Vogue's September issue I was so inspired, and thought, "I have to recreate that!". So, here I am showing you a whole lookbook inspired by the Chanel's forever delicious desings of tweed. But this outfit in particular was the one that made the rest.


Pearls, tweed and ruffles are perhaps the key words to describe this outfit. But, on top of all, it is fun but classic, bold yet comfortable and somehow even relaxed in the most sophisticated way. And it is indeed for days when you want, well, a bit more. To recreate the look, I added the same black trousers from the last look with a cream blouse and a tweed style jacket, which I then pared with this cute fluffy hat, ropes of pearls and my white quilted bag.


Back To Black


Back with the all black but this time we are trying on a skirt. Namenly, I have been quite into skirts this season, especially, tartan skirts but for this look I wanted something different. So I went for tulle, put the checks on the top and lace on my legs to give you many delicious layers, shades and textures of black.


But, like all black looks this one as well needs that little something. That's why, I poped on this adorable odd pearl earring together with a deep red beret to bring a touch of color as well as something unexpected to this outfit. For a final touch, I also added a black, leather watch and a silver ring.


Caping it


Capes are so stylish this season and when pared with your favorite tweed or checked jacket you will look fabulous not only this autumn/winter but every year. However, if you're someone that doesn't own a cape you can use a big wool scarf just like I did. Then add your go-to beret and mittens for effortless chicness.


Lastly, let's not forget the accessories. A houdsthoot box bag and bright red boots should work perfectly for these harmonic black and cream shades bringing yet more detail to the outfit. And a knitted skirt is always warm and super posh choice with any boots from ankle to over the knee. No winter breeze is going to catch you when wearing this season's poshest attire!


Thank you so much for reading!



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