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The Never Ending Glove – Free time Style At Its Best

Gloves, another forgotten fashion item that are often thought as a part the glamorous old worl and rarely seen in the streetstyle view. Yet I have never heard of anyone disliking them. On the contrary, most of us love opera gloves for their elegant and posh apperance but just like hats find it difficult to incorporate them with our style.

Obviously, opera gloves are a very specific style of glove in the spectrum of gloves and, therefore, them not fitting into somebody's style is justified. However, I believe that you can wear almoust anything if you really want to wear it and if you style it right for your individual taste.

What's more, as some of you know I am a lover of all things old, fabulous and especially posh which makes opera gloves rank high on my list of handwear. But how have they anything to do with "freetime style"? Well they don't. I just thought it would be fun to take opera gloves out of the ball rooms and parties and give us a different perspective on where and how to wear the most sublime of all gloves.




Have you ever seen a top with gloves attached to it? Personally, I adore this look of "never ending sleeves" (like I like to call the style). This means that the sleeves of your top go all the way to your findertips just like gloves. Therefore, paring this white poloneck jumper with my luxurious opera gloves deliveres a marvalous illusion of the "never ending sleeves" look. And doesn't it just look so chic!

Wear the "never ending sleeve" look with a simple skirt, some lace tights and a tweed jacket. For accessories I recommend going for more chilled out shoes to get throught the weekend in style and comfort. And when it comes to the bag I chose to wear this quilted vintage number that goes perfectly with my Audrey Hepburn falts and fits all the essentials needed: a lipstick with a lipstick case, a pare of spare earrings and a nail varnish.




Do you also have a romantic picture of yourself sitting at a coffee shop writing your diary on a Saturday day? I have, but usually there so much more interesting things to observe that I find it difficult to concentrate to a blank piece of paper. Then, there isn't that many places around where I live that I would consider spending my Saturday at. So, my coffee shop daydream seems to stay just that, a dream. But that's okay because some dreams are meant to stay that way and just leave you with that strange and thrilling feeling in your stomach.

To achieve the relaxed but put together look, also known as, the uniform of a coffee shop goer, I wore a comfortable navy blue cardigan, a soft, drak green skirt and some red boots. Then to compliment the tones of the skirt I put on a green, clip-on earrings and my forest green shoulder bag. Lasty, I added the gloves as a fun touch and grabed my diary which is obviously an essential part of the coffee shop lifestyle.




Knitting is a cosy and creative activity that has a strong connection to weekends as well as freetime, and it is best done in front of a warm fire. However, not all of us have fireplaces or other cosy corners so the next best thing is to do it with style and be fabulous while literally creating yourself the next week's killer outfit.

For this glamorous knitter look I decided to try my trusted denim jacket with opera gloves to create some contrast and give both items a different feeling. Then I added my oatmeal colored knitted skirt for softness, some pink velvet heels from Minna Parikka and a pare of gold vintage earrings. And et voilà! You have yourself a glamorous knitter!




For some reason when I was shooting this look I thought of New York's Central Park and the spring season ahead of us. That led me thinking on about walks in a sunny but chilly spring weather and how people in movies always go to parks to observe and think about life while reading their favorite newspapers or magazines. Therefore, if I ever go to New York its probable you'll find me in Central Park admireing the wonder of skyscrapers surrounding it.

Everything started from this pastel pink, wool scarf that I sadly rarely use because I forget owning someting in such a tender color. Then I just decided this is going to be a pink and blue look. So all the blues the shirt, the beret, the skirt and the bag just somehow ended up on my body. And luckily the gloves just made it more fabulous. So, it is safe to say that I cannot wait to wear this in Central Park to wonder, to think and to read my favorite magazines. Because, yes I am going to New York... some day.


Thank you so much for reading!


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