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The ultimate guide on winter wear – Layering, knitwear and more

Now that the coldest mouths of the year are coming closer we can often find ourselves in a position where we get a bit confused on what to wear. The problem appears on the moment we need to look good but also stay warm. How can I look good in a million layers and ugly winter boots? Is it possible to dress stylishly while remaining comfortable and warm? For me, over the past few years this problem of staying warm and looking good has become a real mission, as I am always cold but hate looking like a trashbag. So, as the winter is just around the corner, if not already here, I though it would be a perfect opportunity to narrow down a few tips and tricks on how to stay warm but still look extremely stylish.

Firstly don't give up on your winter wardrobe just because you feel like no matter what you wear it makes you look like younger and just slightly thinner father christmas. With a bit of imagination soon you'll see that winter fashion and dressing is actually really fun, cosy and after all simply just about layering. And just in case, you need that little extra boost to get your creative brain going, I have also put together some outfits for you to absorb all that winter outfit inspo.

Here is everything you need to know about dressing in winter:

Knitwear, knitwaer and yet again knitwear

Needles to say that when we think of warm clothes knitwear is one of the first things that comes to mind. And that's for a good reason, namely, knitwaer is one of the rare items which keeps us warm and looks cute at the same time. And you can also get knitwaer in almoust any form imaginable: jumpers, mittens, scarfs, cardigans, hats, socks and so forth. Thanks to knitwaer there's no part in your body left in the cold.

What's perhaps even greater about knitwear, other than its ability to warm us, is its ability to be a statement piece or a stable piece depending on its texture, shape, color and how it has been knitted. For example a jumper can be a gorgeous, capel knitted, masterpiece that doesn't need much more to make an outfit, and jumper can also be a thinner yet still warm cashmere piece that is a wonderfull item for layering but also good stable wardrobe basic when you need something plainer. Or a wool scarf can change your outfit in a heartbeat depending on what color it is, how thik the yarn is, does it have a pattern going through ect. It is absolutely undeniable how much knits just add to your wardrobe.

Another quality knits possess is something to do with styling: knits add different textures to your outfits making them more fun, individual and stylish.

Headwear matters more than you think

This is something you might not have given much of a thought but actually what you wear on your head has a massive impact not only for staying warm but also looking fashionable. Surely we all know wearing a hat keeps you warmer but how many of us actually really wears hats. You might think it messes up your hair, which is fairly true, or you might think they look stupid, which by the way heavily depends on what kind of a hat you wear. Either or, wearing something on your head simply makes a differents.

There are so many hats in the market and so many cool styles to choose from, whether it's a beret, a bakerboy hat, a brimmed felt hat or a beanie, we all need to make an effort and turn to hats. They're cool, stylish, chick, elegant and make you look sooooo fashionable and without a doutb you're going to stand form the croud. Besides you can be waering the simpliest outfit with a cool hat and your outfit is still better than someones elses who otherwise is killing it but is not wearing a hat.

So you want to stay warm while remaing extremly in fashion as well as keeping it interesting: Hat is the answer.

Don't forget the accessories

Now, in winter it is surely more obvious than ever that accessories such as gloves and scarfs are neccesary and more or less stable for most of us. But don't you think for a second that winter accessories are limited onto scarfs, gloves and hats because there is so much more you can add to your winter style.

Belts are one of my favorit accesories to style with because all you need to add is a beautiful belt to tighten your coat or pull your cardigan and a t-shirt out of the "ordinary" box. Not to mentsion they are extremenly easy to reuse in all seasons. So you pretty much need a one belt and you're set for a lifetime.

Another great way to spice up with accessories is to invest in a handbag that's going lift anything you're wearing from the shadows of busy mornings. Or you can really take your accessories seriously and focus on the colours and the patterns and really just play along. For example, imagine having simple, all black outfit and then a red leather gloves. How sensational would that be! Or wearing navy blue coat and the most gorgeous big, cream, knitted scarf. Accessories really sometimes makes the outfit.

The accessory game really seems to be: go big, go classic or go wild but never go without.

Invest in fabrics

Here this out, fabrics matter, alright! You may not think about fabrics when you get mesmerized by that cashmere looking jumper but I promes you will curse yourself over and over again when you realize you spend your money on a acrylic jumper instead of cashmere.

And let me tell you why: when it comes to warmth and sustainablity synthetic fabrics are just not all the way there. They make you swet which means they're not breatheable, they don't keep you warm, at least as warm as a wool would. They're basicly plastic which is bad for the invronment and they don't last, so you have to keep getting new ones twice a winter when buying a good quality one would last two winters and even longer. Regardless, I am not saying having a polyester jumper is a sin but it is certainly something to keep in mind when shopping because it is just a hard fact that you are going to be warmer in wool than in polyester.

It is clear that in oder to get to the top you need to look out and care about what your items are made of.

A good coat can take you far

When I tell you that a good coat can take you from feeling miserable to looking and feeling fabulous I mean it. It just makes you feel that extra bit more confident and should keep you warm even if your outfit under isn't so weather appropriate.

A coat is also a statemnt as much as it is a practical decision and that makes getting and wearing your coat the best thing ever. You can get coats in so many different styles, color and prices. And what's more, some coats have their accessories attached to them such as fur, belts, pretty buttoms and other things like that. So, at the best, you get a beautiful classic coat, or at the very best, you'll have your whole outfit in a one coat.

So, a coat, no matter the color, is an ultimate wardrobe basic and necessity during winter.

Buy your boots carefully

Let's talk about shoes. In the winter most common shoe option are boots but what kind of boots to wear is the real question and probably a pain in the back every year this time.

Of course I always recommed something classic, leather and black or some other darker color. That's because black, boots are really easy to style, they look sophisticated and go with everything. Therefore, they're just a good classic add to your wardrobe and will absolutely make any winter day seems like your best outfit day. And who doesn't want to live her best outfit life. However, we can't never get enough of beautiful, colorfull boots that surely takes away all of the shoe nightmares. I really seems like we can always count on the basics and those fabulous boots to carry out the job.

After all it is needles to say that everyone have to own a pare of black boots. (And I don't, so, yeah not sure I'm living my best life yet).

Never underestemate the power of jewellry

Jewellry is actually an important part of any winter outfit because you don't have to add another layer of clothing to get a fantastic look but just add jewellry and you'll look like a million dollars. For example you can wear a nice cardigan and a shirt then put on a statment earings or braslets and right away the ourfit is more glam then ever.

It doesn't even have to be much, just a set of pearl earings or a stack of rings gives that little detail which completes the outfit while making you look like you actually made an effort.

One word: Layering

Finnally to the queen of all key words in winter outfits history: layering. You want to stay warm: layer. You want to look good: layer...It is all about knowing what to wear with what and in what oder.

When it comes to layering you need to use more than your imagination, namely, common sense. I recommend getting thinner wool socks and tights to put under your trousers and shoes. I also highly suggests you invest in bambu or wool vests to put under your more colder tops such as shirts and blouses when you're not wearing a warm jumper. Then, of course, investing in thinner, wool cardigans to get that extra layer of warmth. And what is great about cardigans is that they're easy to take of if you get too hot or carry in your bag in case you get cold. Simple, easy and you'll never catch a cold.

Although layering is much about what you put under your clothes to keep the warmth closer your body, the top layer also matters. You can put on a wool suit which not only keeps you warm but also looks very high fashion and smart. Or you can add a leather jacket or a denim jacket on top for of a jumper for coolness while making sure you will stay warm. You could also put a jumper on top of your shirts to make a delicious constrast between the sharpness of the white shirt and the softness of the jumper, This look is also very easy to play around by just changing your jumper and your trousers and you have a different ourfit in a matter of minuties. Or you can waer a highneck top under jumpsuits. This way you can take your autums jumpsuits into winter as well. To finish your look, just throw on your coat, hat and accessories and soon you'll see that cold weather is not so scary any more.

After all, the possibilities are endless when it comes to layering. You just need to have a bit of faith and spirit to experiment but in the end you'll end up finding so many amazing outfits you didn't even think you had.

For god's sakes have some fun

To conclude this very long post, I just want to remind you that fashion and cloths are about having fun. So, I encourage you to try different colors, shapes and sizes, and most of all using your imagination. It doesn't matter if the outfit doesn't work out the way you imagined in your head, just take it of and try something else. Dressing is a prosses and it's good to have a laugh and be little ridiculous sometimes, don't you think. And at the end, of the day you can always go back to those familiar pieces you love and wear over and over again.

Thank you so much for reading!



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