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The Unpretentious Beauty of Half Secret Moments

Dearest reader,

There are countless quiet, simply beautiful moments in life that are rarely recorded, rarely witnessed and rarely talked about because they don’t need to be discussed. Their small exuding silence belong to he realm of half secrets where familiar moments repeat their reassuring magic between the loud great hours of life.

And yet, here I am discussing them. Not because it is a neccessity (the world will always rather hear about the glorious) but because I choose to since the dense beauty of the present we experience in solitude is, after all, very touching.

A moment in infinity,

which no one saw

and no one remembers

Becomes a ghostly scene

in the folded memory of time





Like a buried treasure in plain sight

The unpretentious beauty of now

For me, half secret moments are, for example, arriving to my dance class before others and listening to the echoing sounds of the class in process, sippping my morning tea early and still sleepy from dreams, and pausing to look at the scenery during my walks in nature. These are hardly exciting or revolutionary conversations starters, but they are, however, important tender rutines composing my life. They exist in the ordinary, bother no one and seek no attention, and that's what makes them wonderful.


What are your half secret moments?


Yours truly,


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