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The World Is Full Of Color – Spring Moodboards 2020

Last day of May marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer as the nature has finally woken up and the world is getting use to its many green shades. By now, the earliest spring flowers have died but some are still in full bloom thanks to the chilly spring nights and the beaming rays of the sun which seem to be getting warmer day by day.

On the eve of summer the delicate bareness of sring has been replaced with fullness of fresh early June but some of that tenderness of spring can still be sensed through almoust flowerless and leafless apple trees as well as cooler mornings when you still need a light woolen jumper to keep warm. And in the midst of all the changes and seasons the sky that connects both spring and summer blazes in deep blue without a cloud on its way.

Little darlin', it's

been a long, cold

lonely winter

Little darlin', it feels

like years since it's

been here

Here comes the

sun, do-do-do-do

Here comes the

sun, and I say

It's all right

– The Beatles (Here comes the sun)


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