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Ultimate Elegance – Outfits For Summer

Sophistication and elegance are the two keywords that need to be found in any of my outfits and, in general, they are the things that I look for before buying a new item. Therefore, summer style should also reflect these qualities. However, sometimes summer fashion has a strong festival, flolar and boho ring to it, which is fun on a certain days but not practical for everyday wear and certainly not always sophisticated.

For this, I have put my most elegant brain to work and come up with a few sophisticated outfit ideas for summer's days you don't want to play flower princess.

(WARNING: Regardless of me talking about wearable style for everyday wear, some outfits in this post are still absolutely extra, over the top and, dare I say it, just doing the most.)


Linen Trousers – Comfort And Style

When it comes to looking sophisticated and elegant look into more tailored style of trousers that still provide you with comfort and style. In this case, I highly suggest linen trousers for your summer style because linen, as a fabric, is super pretty, delivers classis summer wibes and is comfortable yet breathable with a touch of countryside romance.

Obviously, you can wear linen in any shape of clothing you want but I took it as my mission to find pretty trousers for summer, as I hate short and mini skirts. So, when I found these light, linen trousers with a strait, sophisticated cut I knew I was going to get so much wear out of them. And they have proven to be one of the most versatile items in my wardrobe, thanks to their classical, light color these trousers goes with anything and are so easy to dress up or down.


The White Blazer – Secret To Looking Like A Milloin Dollars

It is safe to say that a white blazer is a must have item in any good wardrobe. Not only provides it a killer change from a black blazer but also makes all other items look fantastical, fresh and somehow just more summer appropriate. Basicly, a little black dress gets an instant refresh with striking, white blazer and your jeans have never looked more blue, more vibrant when wearing this simple, yet life changing jacket. And the best part is that a white blazer is totally sophisticated and utterly elegant, and it does make look like a million dollars.


Nice Tops – Fuss Free Styling

Having a nice top is essential when you really just want to look cute, put together and elegant quickly. But is it really possible to create an amazing outfit in two seconds? Well, if you got the nice top then YES! All that is left for you to do is to throw on a pare of linen trousers, jeans, your favorite skirt or even shorts and call it a day. Let just say that daytime style has never been more easy and certainly not as fuss free.

When hunting down your perfect nice top, remember, that this time you are lookin for a statement shirt or a blouse that changes everything. So, something a bit more bolder, maybe more colorful or more interesting is the way to go. However, the top doesn't have to be super outlandish or way out of your comfort zone, because often a beautiful fabric, pearl buttoms or a little bit of ruffle is quite enough to make an outfit.


The Little Black Dress – Never A Failure

If I would go on talking about sophistication and elegance without mentionig the little black dress it would be more than shameful, it would be a failure. So, here it is. You all know the magic of the LBD and therefore you understand that it is more than fabulous for sophisticated summer style. Pare your LBD with strappy sandals, black or white blazer or a silk scarf and you are ready to face the world with style.


Classic Denim – Always On Point

Denim is fun, young and somehow always fresh but most of all denim is the ultimate classic. However, denim is not always sophisticated nor elegant but it can be and that's why we love it. I feel like denim delivers charm, character, rawness and something real to any outfit while still being quite understated. And what's more, denim is an excellent pare with blazers, those nice tops and other glamorous clothing items which might need that contrast in oder to be super casual and wearable for everyday wear.


Thank you so much for reading!



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