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Under The Apple Tree – A Surprisingly Cool Knitdress

Pictures: Saimi, Styling: Siiri, Location: Garden, time: afternoon

(First of all, I apologise my absence in recent weeks due to a lack of inspiration which strikes from time to time. However, I do miss my blog no matter how uninspired I get. So here we go again.)

Some of you might remember that last summer I was totally hooked on crocheing and, therefore, crocheted myself multiple different items such as bikinis, tops, pants and a dress. Of course, I then shared and styled them here which you can still read if you like. But as a continuum from last summer's crochet madness I have taken up a new fashion obsession. Namenly, knitting is something that I seem to have fallen for and I am not sure if it is a good thing. This is because when I get really, really hooked onto something I don't do or think anything else for weeks, sometimes even months.

So, as you can imagine when I got it in my head that I needed a knitted dress I threw myself to the task. As a result, I spend two weeks doing nothing but knitting. I know that seems a little exaggerated which it propably is but, at least, I am not lieing when I say that I knitted so much that my hands hurt at the end of day. I am also not lieing when I say that my first thought in the mornings was "I need to knit". And I am certainly not lieing when I say that I almoust broke my back when sitting in all kinds of positions while knitting the dress. But it was worth it. Okay. It was worth it. (Althought, now I feel useless and tired without a mad knitting purpose).

Anyway, let's not talk about me anymore but the outfit!



"An apple tree on a sunny afternoon is surely a wonderful scene. Some light and shadow. A piece of blue sky and a cat meowing, then yawning. Perfectly peaceful, until a bee bumps on to your cheek. How odd and new yet something so familiar. Remedering it happes every summer: Bugs go crazy from flower nectar and some rich ones use honey. But on the whole, how fabulous to dress in stripes! Being the bee of your own life".


So my inspiration for the dress was rag rugs. Yes, you heard it right, rag rugs. And anyone who has ever seen a rag rugg knows that in most cases they are colorful and made of unwanted, old rags which then take a new life in a form of a rug. But how to apply this to a knitdress? Well, easily if you have a pile of left over yarn which you used last year for crocheing and weren't able to use them all. Or if you mom or grandmom or dad or whoever has left over yarns lieing around. In my case, it was both. In short, find loands of random, unwanted, unused yarns and put them together like you would put together a rag rug.

In the end, you might find yourself with a surprisingly cool knitdress...

The Outfit

Knitdress made out of old, unused yarns of all colors (made by me)

Red 70s sandals (used to belong to my grandmom)

A big straw hat from Nice (from a little butique)

Even bigger sunglasses (secondhand)

A wristlet from Tunis (a gift from my grandmom)

Quilted shoulder bag (my great grandmom's old in other words my grandmom's mother's old)

A Basket bag (secondhand)

Red nail varnish (Mavala London 53)

Hoop earrings (Vintage from the 1980s)

How's your summer going so far?

Do you love summer knits as well?

What is your favorite bug?


Thank you so much for reading!



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