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Vintage Jewelry – My Earring Collection


When it comes to accessories, to me, there's nothing better than a huge pare of vintage earrings that can transform your whole outfit in a snap of a finger. Earrings have anyways always been something I loved to experiment with ever since the age of ten when I got my ears pierced.

For example, I remember going into this cheap shop with my best friend at a town I used to live in and we would buy all these matching earrings in the most perculiar and strangest of shapes, such as mustache and thought bubles. Then we would laugh at joke about all the weird jewelry that shop sold, and yet, we were the only ones who bought them. But maybe the reason was just that: they were ridiculous and made us laugh, and who wouldn't like to laugh?

Obviously, those earrings weren't anything really special but they were our 12-year-old girls' treasures. However, there is one pare that I remember exceptionally vividly. A pare of gold, hanging earrings in a shape of a peace sign that were my favorites for quite some time and what I and my friend both wore a lot. I don't know why we wore them. But I guess they felt rebelious in a very weird and funny way.

Looking back now, I can't help but wonder: How odd was all that? To have gold peace signs hanging on your ears and we, or at least, I didn't even really know what it meant, yet they felt amazing.


Since the days of a peace sign earring my jewelry taste has changed drastically. Sure, I still like a gold, statement pare on my ears but when we talk about styles I definitely prefer and appreciate more chic and elegant approach.


"Quite frankly, there's just something mesmerizing in the way antique metals are a little dirty, faded and scratched but still shiny in some places. And the way how all the colors are not bright and vibarant but sort of earthy and muted with dim glamour shining from the past, brings the earrings a special kind of look: A look of life. And that's what I really love about vintage jewelry".


I doubt, I will ever stop loving and collecting vintage earrings but I think brooches are going to be my second, very potential collectable target. Namenly, I feel like brooches have the same transformative power as earrings and are so interesting in their numerous animal, plant and geometrical shapes.

So keep an eye on a brooches collection sometime in the unknown future!


Thank you so much for reading!


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