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Why To Love Vintage + My Vintage Collection

A hat from the 1960s and gloves from the 1940s.

Vintage fashion means the ultimate luxury to me. In a way, it's silly because most vintage fashion is used clothes, accessories and jewelry, so how could an old item be more lux than a new dress made today? There are a number of reasons for that but shortly vintage fashion is always more than it seems, there's always more to the dress anyways, particularly when it comes to vintage. So, if you're already a vintage lover, here are a view points to love it even more, but if you're not yet so convinsed about vintage, hopefully these reasons might change your mind in the favor of fashion history.


One of a kind piece

When it comes to vintage fashion, you can almoust always be sure that no one else isn't going to have the same dress at a party, not that there's anything wrong with wearing a same dress as someone else but it is nice to have something exquisite and individual. That's one of the beauties of vintage. Every piece is different and in many cases, there's only one like it.


It's all about the background

Like everything old, also vintage fashion has a background and a history which tells about the era's social, economical and cultural state. For this, vintage fashion carries important messages from the past. But it's not just about the historical appeal but also the story behind the word vintage. For example, who designed it, where, when and how it was made, who's it originaly was, what kind of marks and stains it has, are a part of the item's life. For me, at least, the story and the meaning of vintage items are so interesting and inspireing that vintage appears sometimes more exciting and even more valuable than items made today. That being said, I also just like imaging what was the person's life like, who owned the piece berofe me and how many different things it might have seen during the course of its lifetime.

A bag from the 1980s


Sweet, old sustainablitity

Vintage fashion is obviously also second hand fashion which is known to be more environmently friendly compared to newly manufactured fashion. And that makes vintage all around amazing and quite a sustainable option to look into. So, if there's a specific era or a pattern you love, maybe your new summer dress could be vintage? What's more, fashion changes all the time and in so many cases designers draw inspiration from the past creations which means you can find the seasons hottest new pieces from a vintage store's hangers.


Never in a boring outfit

Platform shoes from the 1970s

Vintage is not only unique, sustainable and provides historical romanticism but it's also a great way of spiceing up your outfits. By mixing new with old you create intresting outfits with layers of stories and meaning, while giving your style a little bit more character. Vintage is also a one way to get to know iconic desigres, who mold fashion into what we see today. Not to mention, the wide price range which means everybody is included and can afford a piece of history. So, if you're on a budget or just love collecting vintage you'll always find something remarkable under a suitable price tag for you.


My vintage collection

Dress from the 1960s

Mostly, my collection consists of shoes and bags, as well as view hats, a dress and knitwear. In this post I featured some of my favorite vintage pieces I have in my collection at the moment.

A big part of the items I have come from my stylish grandmother who's wardrobe seems to be lilke Barbie's... endless. And for that, I have always been influenced by the elengance of the past decades and now that I am literally same size as my grandmother in shoes and in some of the clothing, vintage has become a big part of my personal style. I also buy a lot of vintage myself in second hand shops and online. Therefore, my vintage collection is a combination of what I have bought, as well as, what my grandmother has kindly given to me.

Shoes from the 1960s and 1990s


Thank you so much for reading!



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