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Why Wouldn't You Wear A Hat? 4/4 – On Another Friday Evening...

I live alone and was washing my dishes (which is also known to be a boring house chore) which, in other words, means there's a lot of time to think and at times, too much time. Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that some thoughts started to collect in my mind...




... I was having trouble finding matterful things to do which I was also passioned enough to put my time into. Basicly, the problem was that the world is full of matterful things that need doing and I simply can't do them all, nor I have a desire to do them all. Then there is also matterful things I don't know about, which means, I can't really do anyhting about them, even if, there would be something I would want to do. And why is it that we always have to do something matterful and yet most of us (me including) still haven't done anything actually matterful?

But what is matterful anyways? Does something being matterful mean it has to change many peoples lifes and shift the way we think? Or is a matterful thing something that start a whole new era in history? Is it something that you can invent? Surely, the answer to climate change would be matterful. But how about the small things in life? A small kindness towards someone often is matterful. A kind word is matterful. A smile is matterful...

Therefore, just experiencing live is matterful: being there and trying your best and looking out to the fabulous life has to also be important. Not just the world changing inventions and great thinkiers are matterful. But us too, everyday people who have dreams and expectations and who often forget glamour or style doesn't lay in how famous or rich a person is, but how you think, move and view life. That's why even washing dishes in an odd and unexpected way holds more style than sleeping in a five star hotel because you're creating that scene for yourself everyday simply with your own imagination and by refusing not to live the dream.

...After that stream of thought, I decided that at this very moment I'm not trying to do anything revolutionally and world changinly matterful. But just move with the flow of the friday evening and for once in my life, live in style...

So, I contiuned washing my dishes knowing that small things can be done in such a style that makes no sense but, somehow, makes all the sense in the world. Due to this realisation it is possible to even wash dishes fabulously.

After all, maybe that's why you should really wear hats. Because they possess insane amounts of fabulous style in a world where style is always needed more and matterfulness can be found in the smallest of things.

"Life is fabulous or it certainly should be fabulous.

And if it's not fabulous then, at least, we can dress like it is fabulous.

Because then, maybe somehow life becomes fabulous by making it seem more fabulous".


Thank you so much for reading!



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