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Why Wouln't You Wear A Hat? 3/4 – Ladylike Lifestyle

There is two things a hat can do for your style... No, actually, there is three things: A hat can make your outfit look super cool and stand out. It can make you seem like a person who has all the confidence and all the desirable style knowledge in the world. Or, a hat can give your look a hint of fabulous magic in a way that anything you're wearing will appear almoust aristocratic. All this thanks to your beautiful headwear.

With that in mind, really, why wouldn't you wear a hat?

Regardless, today we will discover the outfit changing forces of a glamorously elevating headwear in a form of a pillbox hat. A hat that never fails to deliver elegance, at least, when worn on a head of a lady...




We have taken fabulous hollidays and last week we lived in a beautiful, historic city, but what else sparks our imagination... Of course, a ladylike lifestyle of the old world sparks the imagination of many into millions of sparkles. Even just thinking about the life of the rich seems such a myth. How extraordinary would it be to have all the dreams in our fingertips, all the outfits ever imagined in our wardrobes and all the glamour we could ever want in the universe of our private country and town houses... Then, to think that this was everyday life for some makes the myth seem even more magical!

But, what else do I mean, when I talk about the ladylike lifestyle?

"Dressing is and should be treated as a superpower" is a quote I just made up (which I also might put on a t-shirt). Other than that, it is a vital part, not only the ladylike lifestyle but also the mindset. Because what you wear can have a huge impact on how people preceive you, but most importantly, how you preceive yourself. Then, obviously, it's never just about the outfit but also the attitude which you carry with you through life. Therefore, only when you can effortlessly master the art of dressing you have developed yourself a handy superpower that every lady uses in their daily lifes.

But how to develope this "superpower"?

(Note: what you're about to read is not scientifically proved but purely my own philosophy regarding the matter.)


I believe we all have a dreamer in us, therefore, search for the side in you that still believes in the impossible. Because sometimes that is exactly what you need: To be a little crazy and mad and to almoust overdream because, after all, style or fashion or lifestyle aren't really meant to be sensible, but reflections of the dream. How else are you ever going to be you, if you don't even dare to think of what it is that you wish for? Therefore, your superpower will be found when you start dreaming freely...

And when it comes to hats, yes, they are a little ridicilous. But so what? That's the beauty of them. Besides, a lady would still walk her head high and be proud to be such a ridiculous and wonderful scene. And that's all it takes to lead a ladylike lifestyle:

to be proud of your own ridiculousness.



"Nothing is more transformative than a hat"

– Stephen Jones


Thank you so much for reading!



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