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Why You Should Invest in a Pretty Bra?

Dearest reader,

There surely is multiple reasons why you should invest in a pretty bra (even though, I got this one on a sale) but one of them is for those top half emergencies. Namely, ever so often you come across a cool top or a dress that you wish you could pull of but see no chance since you don't feel comfortable going braless for reasons you know better yourself.

Well, what if instead of going braless you just go with the right kind of bra. But forget those strapless horror bras (you might as well go braless than wear a strapless, right!) and think something along the lines of beautiful vintage french lace. And that is exactly what I did in this look.

I got this knitted top from my mom and it is a little bit too big which is why it hangs so low on me. However, with the right kind of bra I can easily wear it without looking super strange. And if I may say so myself this nude lace bra goes pretty perfectly with this top.

I accessorized the look with my usual pieces (again, I know!): a pearl necklace, gold hoop earrings from Bonanza Paris, a cream paper sunhat and my 1980s vintage flap bag.

Outfit Notes:

One shoulder knit top is made by my mother some years ago now | Sunhat is from a small boutique in Nice | Lace bra is from Triupmh | Pearl necklace's origin unknown | Earrings are from Bonanza Paris | Bag is 1980s vintage from my great grandmother | Pants are secondhand Andiata


What is your bra advice for those top half emergencies?


Yours truly,



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